Whey Protein by Alani Nu

Size: 30 Servings
Flavor: Confetti Cake
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Whey Protein by Alani Nu


Alani Nu Whey Protein is a premium whey protein blend that includes over twenty grams of protein per serving, digestive enzymes, VitaCherry® Sport, and over 20 g of protein per serving.

Alani Nu Whey Protein has a transparent label and simple, but effective ingredient list. Each tub provides 30 servings. Concise breakdown below:

  • Delicious flavors
  • High quality protein produced in a GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliant facility
  • 20g protein, 6g carbs, and 118 calories per serving
  • 30 servings per tub
  • Has digestive enzymes to help you digest your protein better and minimize GI distress
  • Supports recovery and muscle building
Whey Protein by Alani Nu NS

Whey Protein Highlights

More on VitaCherry Sport, which is in Every Serving of Alani Nu Whey Protein

VitaCherry Sport is a patented ingredient that utilizes tart cherries and has been shown to support antioxidant capacity, decrease lipid peroxidation, and provide a healthy inflammatory response. Simply put, it may promote cardiovascular and overall health via protecting against free radicals.

About Whey Protein Generally

Protein is an essential macronutrient. High protein diets are very beneficial for building muscle for both athletic performance and to fight sarcopenia - the muscle loss associated with aging.

Whey protein, specifically, has many health benefits in addition to the sports performance benefits it confers from increasing protein consumption. First, whey lowers blood pressure through natural ACE inhibition. Second, whey may improve the lipid profile - specifically HDL. Third, whey protein may reduce appetite, allowing you to feel fuller longer and ultimately consume less calories.

Whey protein is very safe and able to be consumed even during pregnancy, but always consult your doctor before taking any supplement when pregnant.


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