BCAA – Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Amino Acid

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BCAA – Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Amino Acid

BCAAs have been a staple in the supplement industry for over a decade and with good cause. BCAAs are composed of what are considered the three most anabolic amino acids:

  • leucine,
  • valine,
  • and isoleucine.

Firstly, supplementation can increase muscle protein synthesis, assist glucose uptake into cells, and prevent fatigue.

Leucine is the primary driver in increasing muscle protein synthesis. Therefore, it activates a protein called mTOR, which induces muscle protein synthesis. 

As such, muscle protein synthesis is of chief importance for anyone concerned with building or maintaining muscle mass, such as an athlete or aging person.

Isoleucine is very effective at shuttling glucose into the cell, which is a potent ergogenic and performance aid. However, more glucose in the cell means potentially less body fat gain and more power and endurance.

BCAAs may also prevent fatigue during exercise. When the body has a decline in serum BCAA levels, it responds by producing tryptophan, which triggers serotonin production. Serotonin causes fatigue. As such, maintaining high serum BCAA levels, prevents this fatigue.

BCAA – Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Amino Acid, available at Natty SuperStore, in your gym bag to make sure you’re never short on the building blocks of muscle, even after a day where you couldn’t get your meals in!

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