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Yohimbine HCL from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - Weight Loss

In the body, yohimbine increases blood flow by widening blood vessels. It is also believed to increase the mobilization of fatty acids. Yohimbe stimulates the central nervous system by releasing more noradrenaline. +

  • Weight Loss Supplement combined with High Performance +
  • Enhance libido and nitric oxide production +

The herb's popularity has been sparked not only by its claim that it enhances libido, but also by research that indicates it may have powerful antioxidant properties. Blood flow can be increased when Nitric Oxide levels increase, which dilates blood vessels. Both increased blood flow and energy contribute to yohimbine HCL's effectiveness in maintaining a healthy heart, but yohimbe also decreases fat synthesis by increasing fatty acid mobilization. +[1]

What Is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Yohimbine HCL?

Yohimbine HCL is a dietary supplement that promotes weight loss and libido. It stimulates the central nervous system by increasing noradrenaline production. Aside from its claim of enhancing libido, new research shows it may be an effective antioxidant herb. +[2]

There is some evidence that yohimbe can alleviate erectile dysfunction, but many are skeptical. Seven controlled studies indicate that the claim may be true. According to this study, yohimbine was clearly more effective than a placebo in treating erectile dysfunction. A study in the review examined the effects of yohimbine on 82 male veterans with erectile dysfunction. +[3][4]

How Does It Work?

Yohimbine increases blood flow by widening blood vessels. Additionally, it increases fatty acid mobilization and Nitric Oxide levels, which can dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow. Yohimbine HCL helps maintain a healthy heart by increasing blood flow and energy, but it also decreases fat synthesis in the body by increasing fatty acid mobilization. +[5]

The alpha-2 adrenergic receptors that adrenaline normally binds to are blocked by yohimbine. As a result, adrenaline remains in your body for a longer period of time, allowing it to burn fat for energy. Taking yohimbine reduced body fat composition by 2.2 percent in a small 2006 study of 20 professional soccer players. +[6]

Additional Benefits of Yohimbine

The Ultimate Shlong Gainer

If you know you know. +

Blood circulation is improved.

Your sympathetic nervous system helps you get into "fight or flight" mode when you consume Yohimbe. As a result, your blood circulation improves and more oxygen, nutrients, and blood are delivered to your muscles. By doing so, you can improve your performance during your workout, as well as your ability to recover afterward. +[7]

Boosted energy

By stimulating your sympathetic nervous system, Yohimbe can also help you feel more energized during workouts. You can move more weight and push yourself farther before feeling fatigued thanks to this increase in energy. +[8]

Supports Appetite Suppression

Yohimbe supplements suppress appetite for many people. By eating less, they are able to maintain a calorie deficit, which, as we all know, is crucial for losing weight and burning fat. +[9]

Fatigue reduction

As well as increasing energy, yohimbe helps you push yourself for longer periods of time without getting tired during workouts. You'll burn more calories and get more done while training, which will result in faster fat loss. +[10]

Reduction of Water Weight

It is also possible to lose weight quickly by supplementing with yohimbe. The reason for this is that it can help you lose excess water weight. It is, therefore, a good option for bodybuilders or those getting ready for a photo shoot or other event since it helps you look leaner and more stage-ready. +[11]

Spares Muscle Loss When Dieting

Yohimbe appears to speed up fat loss without causing you to lose muscle mass. It can be difficult to keep muscle while dieting, resulting in a less-than-ideal physique and slowing down your metabolism. +

A higher heart rate

Fat loss can be attributed to Yohimbe's effect on Alpha-2 receptors. When combined with other stimulating ingredients, Yohimbe can also increase heart rate. As a result, the body burns more calories both at work and at rest. Yohimbe supplements may help you lose more weight and body fat.  +


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Suggested Dosage and Directions

On an empty stomach, take one (1) capsule with water or your favorite beverage twice daily. The first dose should be taken in the morning, and the second dose should be taken an hour before working out. Take the second dose 30-60 minutes before lunch if your workout is in the morning. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. +


Where to buy yohimbine? 

The Natty Super Store is one of the single best sources for information and areas to purchase products like Yohimbine. +

Is Yohimbine HCL Safe? 

This product is safe if used as directed.    +

Does yohimbine aid weight loss? 

Yohimbine has been shown in studies to support weight loss naturally.  +

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