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Advanced Bedtime Formula for Muscle Growth and Fat Burning

SuperHuman Sleep by Alpha Lion - Optimize your body's nighttime potential with our revolutionary bedtime formula that supports both muscle enhancement and fat loss. Introducing SUPERHUMAN SLEEP, meticulously crafted for those dedicated to advancing their physique.

SuperHuman Sleep by Alpha Lion Key Features:

  • Optimized Muscle Growth and Fat Loss: Every element in SUPERHUMAN SLEEP is aimed at bolstering muscle development while efficiently targeting fat deposits.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Experience reduced muscle soreness and expedited recuperation after strenuous training sessions.
  • Improved REM Sleep: High-quality REM sleep is vital for producing anabolic hormones. Our formula ensures you tap into the deepest phases of sleep for maximum hormonal advantage.
  • Electrolyte Replenishment: Awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, thanks to our careful blend of crucial electrolytes that rehydrate and restore.
  • Accelerated Body Transformation: Witness a significant boost in your transformation journey, whether you aim to pack on muscle, shed fat, or both.

Who's it for?

Whether you're a man or a woman, if you're on a mission to sculpt your body, achieve lean muscle, and shed unwanted fat while ensuring restorative sleep, SUPERHUMAN SLEEP is your unmatched ally.

Versatility at its Best:

SuperHuman Sleep isn't just another supplement; it's a powerful tool, adaptable to your specific fitness goals.

  • For Muscle Builders: Combine SUPERHUMAN SLEEP with an added 500 calories and rigorous workouts. By doing so, you harness the essential amino acids, minerals, and electrolytes that prime your body for explosive muscle growth during the night.
  • For Fat Burners: When your goal is rapid fat loss, team SUPERHUMAN SLEEP with a 500-calorie deficit and your standard workout routine. The formula boosts your metabolism and enhances REM sleep, two critical factors for swift fat burning.
  • For Body Recomposition: Aiming to gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously? You've discovered the ultimate supplement for the task. Pair SuperHuman Sleep with a maintenance calorie regimen and intensive training to turbocharge your body reconfiguration.

The Science Behind the Magic:

Our 6 Matrix blend sets SUPERHUMAN SLEEP apart. Designed to maximize sleep quality and promote simultaneous muscle growth and fat loss, this blend synergizes perfectly with a balanced diet and workout plan. Witness transformative results with:

  1. Amino Growth Matrix
  2. ZMA Recovery Matrix
  3. HGH Matrix
  4. Tranquility Matrix
  5. Anti-Stress Matrix
  6. Absorption Matrix


For optimal results, mix 1 level scoop of SUPERHUMAN SLEEP with 8 ounces of water, and consume 30 minutes prior to sleep. Your path to an enhanced physique starts the moment you close your eyes.

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