Superhuman Protein by Alpha Lion

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Superhuman Protein by Alpha Lion

Dive into a realm of potent muscle nourishment without the unwanted stomach discomfort, with 100% whey protein isolate present in Superhuman Protein by Alpha Lion Supps. Revamped with added digestive enzymes, this protein powerhouse not only promises an escalation in muscle growth but also wards off the notorious bloating and gas associated with protein consumption. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with 6 phenomenal flavors, each designed to fuel both your gains and gastronomic delight.†

Key Product Highlights on Superhuman Protein

   • Fuels the Development of Lean Muscles†
   • Facilitates Efficient Muscle Protein Synthesis†
   • Enhances Muscle Recovery Processes†
   • Boosts Protein Digestion through DigeZyme® Integration†
   • Amplifies Protein Absorption Courtesy of AstraGin®†
   • Delivers 25g of Unadulterated Whey Protein Isolate per Serving†
   • Adopts Cross-flow Microfiltration for Supreme Purity†


Superhuman Protein positions itself as the premium option for athletes and fitness aficionados keen on amplifying their post-workout muscle growth. Every serving brings forth a potent dose of 25 grams of unaltered protein, coupled with a specialized blend of digestive enzymes to facilitate seamless absorption and digestion of the protein in your body. With a selection of six delectable flavors, nourishing your body for lean muscle augmentation and swift recovery has never been this indulgent.†

Harnessing the essence of Glanbia's Provon® 290 SFL, a top-tier protein source, our whey protein isolate undergoes a stringent cross-flow microfiltration process, promising utmost purity. Immerse yourself in 28 servings of the finest, silkiest protein on the market, embodying the pinnacle of scientific innovation - a true testament to, as Ron Burgundy would affirm, "the marvels of science."†


Bid farewell to bloating and usher in a period of digestive bliss with DigeZyme® – a patented concoction of 5 potent enzymes including amylase, protease, lactase, lipase, and cellulase. This powerful blend facilitates the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler, absorbable units, fostering smooth digestion and a sense of revitalization post-workout. Transition to a bloating-free experience with the aid of DigeZyme®!†


Step up your nutrient intake with the inclusion of AstraGin®, a revolutionary ingredient that catalyzes protein absorption in your body. This facilitates a highly optimized absorption of nutrients every time you indulge in a serving of our protein powder, paving the way for quicker and more substantial results.†

Whether your goal is muscle augmentation or expedited recovery post a grueling workout, our protein powder is equipped to revitalize your muscles and catalyze growth exponentially. Experience the transformative effects of SUPERHUMAN PROTEIN and witness a notable difference in your fitness journey.†

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