Smarties Loaded PRE by RYSE

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Smarties Loaded PRE by RYSE

Pump. Energy. Strength.

Discover the power of science and flavor combined in the perfect daily driver pre-workout! RYSE Loaded Pre-Workout contains clinical doses of research-backed ingredients to optimize your results. Boost your gym performance with this unique formula. All this is accomplished without the dreaded crash. +

Smarties Loaded Highlights

  • Pure L-Citrulline provides explosive pumps with 4.5 grams per scoop +
  • Nootropic ingredients including 10mg Thinkamine™ boost focus without crashing afterward +
  • In order to push through muscle fatigue, 3.5 grams of Beta Alanine are provided +
  • 120MG of ZumXR™ for extended-release caffeine aiding in no crash +
  • Labels and formulas are completely transparent, so you know what you're consuming +

How does loaded pre-workout differ from other formulas?

L-Citrulline - Ryse uses a pure L-Citrulline instead of Citrulline Malate, which they use in their Core Pre-workout. As a result, this formula is more up to date. How does L-Citrulline work? Watermelon contains the natural amino acid L-Citrulline, which boosts athletic performance, reduces fatigue, increases blood flow, and boosts your immune system. +[1,2,3,4,5]

Like arginine, L-Citrulline can pass through the liver, where most arginine is destroyed, which makes it better at producing nitric oxide. A daily dose of 2.4 - 7 grams of L-Citrulline has been found to increase athletic performance. It's for this reason that they put 4.5 grams in it. +

Beta Alanine - Among the best pre-workout supplements. The real MVP is carnosine, which can be formed by supplementing with beta-alanine. Lactic acid is buffered by carnosine, allowing you to perform more reps before becoming fatigued. Gains are directly correlated with more reps. +[6,7,8,9]

smarties ryse supps

Thinkamine™ - They also have the focus aspect of pre-workout. Loaded pre-workout contains another Swedish trademarked ingredient called Thinkamine™. It gives you a laser focus locked in workout with Thinkamine, one of the latest and best nootropics on the market. +[10]

Additionally, Loaded pre-workout contains Vitacoline and Thinkamine™, where Vitacoline is a USP-certified cololine. It helps stimulate muscle activity and keeps you focused since it produces acetylcholine, which is responsible for synaptic transmission. +

L-Theanine - L-Theanine is the next topic we'll discuss. All of the benefits listed above are provided by L-theanine, as well as smoothening your stimulant intake. Tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps with anxiety, stress, and the jitters. By combining Theanine and caffeine, you get all the benefits of caffeine without overstimulating and without feeling drowsy. +

RYSE loaded pre-workout provides the power of science and some amazing flavor combinations, along with some amazing workouts! +[11,12,13]

Caffeine - Caffeine improves endurance and wakes you up. There is only one problem with it: it wears off after a while. ZumXR™ keeps caffeine levels sustained for 8 extra hours, so there's no crash. +[14]

Smarties Loaded PRE by RYSE Review


Premium Ingredients Only

By using the latest science and ingredients backed by clinical evidence, RYSE takes a unique approach to its product lineup. The company uses some of the best patented ingredients that are backed by research, as well as testing multiple times. We only use high quality ingredients, many of which are patented, so you'll always get what you pay for. You can tell from their labels that they don't cut corners when creating their products and will never do so. +



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