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REAL CARBS + PROTEIN by 5% Nutrition

Rich Piana was adamant about one thing about protein powders - he did not like them. In fact, he detested everything about them!

In his quest to create exceptional supplements that offer more, he instead focused on whole food complete meals.

5% knew it had to stay true to its core beliefs when the time came to create a premium product with high levels of available protein. All meals created by 5% Nutrition were whole foods. 

We didn't create just another protein powder or meal replacement powder - that would have been too easy. By creating a complete whole food meal, Real Carbs + Protein®, we are doing it the 5% way! Twenty grams of whole food protein are combined with thirty grams of whole food carbohydrates. Ideal for bodybuilders. What a meal replacement this is!

5% Nutrition created Real Carbs + Protein® to support lean muscle growth in an anabolic environment. The protein in this product is made up of HyrdoBEEF™ Hydrolyzed Beef Protein, Whole Egg Powder, Chickpea Protein, and Organic Chicken Powder. In this combination, you get a high-quality, pure, nitrogen-retaining, and bioavailable protein blend.

REAL CARBS + PROTEIN Ingredient Panel Breakdown

5% Nutrition Protein Blend – 20 Grams

HydroBEEF™ Hydrolyzed Beef Protein – With this whole food protein, all the amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, vitamins, and minerals naturally found in beef are preserved through a special infusion process. Compared to whey, HydroBEEF digests slower, and its BV (Biological Value) is similar. The protein content is 97%, along with a high BCAA content and low fat, cholesterol, and sodium content. HydroBEEF provides a perfect anabolic environment for your muscles, allowing you to see the results you've been training for [1].

Whole Egg Powder – It is an ideal addition to Real Carbs + Protein® because eggs are a highly digestible source of protein with a medium digestion rate and excellent bioavailability score of 100. Whole Egg Powder is made from real, whole eggs [2].

Chickpea Protein – Fiber, vitamins, and minerals are abundant in this excellent source of protein with a medium digestion speed [3].

Organic Chicken Powder – High in B vitamins as well as minerals like selenium, this is a high-quality slow-digesting protein source.

A whole food meal containing this unique complex of whole food proteins creates a sustained anabolic response. You'll remain in an anabolic state for hours after taking Real Carbs + Protein® after a workout, at the beginning of the day, or anytime throughout the day, which is what you need if you're looking to make gains or preserve muscle if you're cutting.

Total Carbohydrates – 30 Grams

Real Carbs + Protein® contains carbohydrates derived from:

Whole Grain Oats – Providing your body with the carbs it needs for glycogen replenishment and muscular energy in a low glycemic, low sugar carbohydrate will avoid insulin spikes. A mainstay of bodybuilding, oats pair well with the proteins in Real Carbs + Protein® [4].

Sweet Potato – The nutrient profile of sweet potatoes, their delicious taste, and the fact that they are considered low glycemic carbs make them a staple in many bodybuilders' diets. Aside from tasting delicious, sweet potatoes have high amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, B vitamins, as well as Vitamin A and C [5].

Rice –. The carbohydrate source of choice for many bodybuilders is rice. Brown rice is the most popular choice because it is a low glycemic carb and nutritionally complete.

5% Nutrition confidently states that Rich would be proud of Real Carbs + Protein®, because he was a firm believer that real whole food is the key to bodybuilding success. They created a unique meal replacement product by combining the right carbohydrates with an innovative source of whole food proteins.

Product Breakdown by 5% Nutrition



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