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PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout by Panda Supps is an innovatively formulated, stimulant-free pre-workout supplement designed to maximize your workout potential. It's meticulously crafted for individuals sensitive to caffeine, those engaging in late-night training sessions, or anyone in search of a stimulant-free alternative to enhance their workout routine. This powerful supplement aims to significantly boost nitric oxide production, muscle strength, improve endurance, and maintain focus through the inclusion of nootropic ingredients. Let's delve into the comprehensive ingredients panel that sets PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout apart.

Ingredients Panel of PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout

L-Citrulline Malate

L-Citrulline Malate is essential for increasing nitric oxide production, facilitating enhanced blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles. This results in improved oxygen delivery, endurance, and reduced fatigue.

Key Points

  • Boosts nitric oxide production, enhancing muscle oxygenation and nutrient uptake.
  • Reduces physical fatigue, improving endurance.
  • Enhances blood flow, supporting better workout performance.

Summary: L-Citrulline Malate plays a crucial role in PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout by enhancing nitric oxide levels, improving endurance, and facilitating efficient nutrient delivery to muscles.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous aids in muscle strength, power, and cell hydration, contributing to improved performance and reduced fatigue.

Key Points

  • Increases muscle power and strength.
  • Enhances cell hydration, aiding performance.
  • Helps reduce exercise-induced fatigue.

Summary: The inclusion of Betaine Anhydrous in PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout enhances physical performance and reduces fatigue, making workouts more effective.


Taurine supports cardiovascular health, endurance, and muscle recovery, offering a comprehensive approach to exercise performance.

Key Points

  • Promotes cardiovascular health and blood flow.
  • Enhances exercise endurance and muscle recovery.
  • Supports electrolyte balance and hydration.

Summary: Taurine ensures PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout users experience improved cardiovascular health, muscle recovery, and hydration, contributing to enhanced exercise performance.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC boosts cognitive function, focus, and mental clarity, supporting a strong mind-muscle connection during workouts.

Key Points

  • Boosts cognitive function and focus.
  • Improves mental clarity and memory recall.
  • Enhances mind-muscle connection during workouts.

Summary: Alpha GPC is a key component of PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout, enhancing mental focus and clarity, thereby supporting a more effective workout experience.


VasoDrive-AP® enhances blood flow and vasodilation, supporting healthy blood pressure levels and nutrient delivery during physical activity.

Key Points

  • Promotes vasodilation and improved blood flow.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Improves nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles.

Summary: VasoDrive-AP® in PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout enhances circulation and nutrient delivery, playing a crucial role in the formula's performance-enhancing capabilities.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract enhances cognitive function and neural health, boosting focus and concentration during workouts.

Key Points

  • Enhances cognitive function and mental clarity.
  • Promotes neural health and neurogenesis.
  • Boosts focus and concentration.

Summary: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract enriches PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout by supporting cognitive health and focus, ensuring a well-rounded approach to physical and mental performance.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract supports endothelial health and reduces oxidative stress with its antioxidant properties, aiding in muscle recovery and performance.

Key Points

  • Offers antioxidant support, reducing oxidative stress.
  • Improves blood flow and endothelial health.
  • Aids in muscle recovery and performance.

Summary: Pine Bark Extract's inclusion enhances PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout's effectiveness in reducing oxidative stress and improving recovery.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt maintains electrolyte balance and hydration, crucial for optimal performance and endurance during workouts.

Key Points

  • Maintains electrolyte balance for optimal hydration.
  • Supports cellular function and muscle contraction.
  • Enhances performance and endurance through improved hydration.

Summary: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout ensures users maintain optimal hydration and electrolyte balance, contributing to sustained performance and endurance.


CognatiQ® enhances cognitive function, memory, and focus, contributing to a more focused and effective workout experience.

Key Points

  • Boosts cognitive function and memory.
  • Supports increased focus and mental clarity.
  • Enhances the overall workout experience through improved cognitive health.

Summary: CognatiQ® adds a cognitive enhancement dimension to PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout, ensuring users not only excel physically but also maintain peak mental performance.


AstraGin® maximizes the benefits of each ingredient in PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout by ensuring optimal absorption and bioavailability of nutrients.

Key Points

  • Enhances nutrient absorption and bioavailability.
  • Supports gut health and digestive efficiency.
  • Maximizes the efficacy of other formula components.

Summary: AstraGin® plays a vital role in PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout by enhancing the bioavailability of ingredients, ensuring users receive the maximum benefit from the formula.

PUMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout by Panda Supps exemplifies a comprehensive approach to pre-workout supplementation, combining ingredients that support both physical performance and cognitive function. Its stimulant-free formula is perfect for those looking to enhance their workout experience without caffeine, ensuring sustained energy, focus, and endurance.

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