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N’Gorge Xtreme at Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is a cutting-edge pre-workout supplement engineered to amplify your workout experience. This powerful formula is designed to deliver unparalleled muscle pumps, enhanced vascularity, elevated endurance, and a significant boost in nitric oxide production. Each ingredient in N’Gorge® Xtreme synergistically works to unlock your ultimate workout potential.

N’Gorge Xtreme at Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ingredient Panel


  • Enhanced Hydration: Glycersize® elevates hydration levels, vital for peak muscle performance.
  • Increased Stamina: Boosts stamina for longer, more intense workout sessions.
  • Muscle Fullness and Pumps: Promotes muscle fullness and impressive pumps through effective cell volumization.

Glycersize®, a stabilized form of 65% glycerol powder, is integral for improving hydration and nutrient absorption. Its unique ability to enhance cell hydration ensures your muscles are primed for peak performance.

Beet Root Extract 1.1% Nitrates

  • Nitric Oxide Boost: Amplifies nitric oxide production for enhanced muscle function.
  • Performance Enhancement: Improves both endurance and sprint capabilities.
  • Optimized Oxygen Delivery: Ensures efficient oxygen supply to muscles during workouts.

Beet Root Extract, rich in nitrates, plays a crucial role in increasing nitric oxide production. This leads to improved endurance, enhanced muscle contractile properties, and better performance.

Sodium Nitrate

  • Endurance Elevation: Boosts overall endurance for sustained performance.
  • Muscle Function: Improves muscle power and speed.
  • Consistent Performance: Ensures peak performance throughout your workout.

Sodium Nitrate enhances muscle function and endurance, contributing to the overall effectiveness of N’Gorge® Xtreme.

Pine Bark 95% Extract

  • Increased Blood Flow: Boosts blood flow for optimal nutrient and oxygen delivery.
  • Nitric Oxide Synthesis: Enhances nitric oxide production for improved muscle performance.
  • Vascular Health Support: Promotes overall vascular health.

Pine Bark Extract is essential for increasing blood flow and nitric oxide production, vital for muscle performance and nutrient delivery.

European Grape Seed 95% Extract

  • Potent Vasodilation: Promotes dilation of blood vessels for increased blood flow.
  • Blood Flow Enhancement: Assists in cardiovascular health and performance.
  • Rich in Polyphenols: Offers cardiovascular benefits through potent polyphenols.

European Grape Seed Extract is known for its vasodilating properties, ensuring increased blood flow essential for muscle performance and recovery.

Acacia Catechu Extract 40% Epicatechin (bark)

  • Myostatin Inhibition: Promotes muscle growth by inhibiting myostatin.
  • Mitochondrial Biogenesis: Aids in energy production for workouts.
  • Improved Blood Flow: Enhances nutrient delivery to muscles.

Acacia Catechu Extract, enriched with Epicatechin, inhibits myostatin for muscle growth and stimulates energy production, crucial for intense workouts.

N’Gorge® Xtreme, available at Natty SuperStore, is more than just a supplement; it’s a transformative addition to your workout regimen. Its stimulant-free formula allows for seamless integration with other pre-workouts for even more pronounced effects. N’Gorge® Xtreme stands as a testament to our commitment to providing premium quality products. Elevate your workout experience with N’Gorge® Xtreme and feel the difference from the very first use.

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