MuscLean - Lean Muscle Weight Gainer

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MuscLean - Lean Muscle Weight Gainer

Protein is an essential macronutrient. High protein diets are very beneficial for building muscle for both athletic performance and to fight sarcopenia - the muscle loss associated with aging.

The highlights

MuscLean is not just your normal whey protein supplement. Three things make it different:

  1. it is enriched with nutrients;
  2. it contains digestive enzymes and probiotics; and
  3. it contains essential fatty acids with proven health benefits that allow it to serve as a meal replacement shake that will carry you for hours of energy.

These additions fix many of the issues usually associated with protein supplements - that they cause GI distress and that they aren’t rich in micronutrients, like whole food- sourced proteins, or other macros to provide energy.

No Upset Stomach with MuscLean!

Whey supplements can cause gi distress. Unlike meat and plant based protein, whey is very fast digesting. Whey also has lactose, which is an allergen for some. MuscLean assists your body in digesting whey by including a variety of enzymes, including betaine hcl, which increases your stomach acid. These enzymes allow your body to digest and absorb more of the protein you consume. Don’t waste your money on protein products your body cannot fully utilize!

You Won’t Have to Sacrifice Your Micros with MuscLean!

One of the big drawbacks associated with whey compared to food protein is that whey does not contain micronutrients, the vitamins and minerals contained in your foods that are essential or assist in literally thousands of physiological processes in your body. This is not the case with MuscLean. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals!

MuscLean is an All In One Meal Replacement

Unlike other proteins with nearly all of its calories per serving coming from protein, MuscLean contains high quality fats, which will give you hours of energy and fill you up!

Don’t settle for whey that upsets your stomach or leaves your body deficient in nutrients - get the best: MuscLean, available at Delta Bioceuticals!


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