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Lipodrene one of the best-selling fat burners ever made, surely one of the best-selling fat burners ever sold just by the sheer numbers.

For successful attainment of desirable levels of body weight, especially as we age, it is imperative that we maintain a proper diet, a disciplined exercise program, and a strategic supplementation program. If you want to lose weight, strategic supplementation becomes more important. If you're a male bodybuilder looking to get shredded, or a female looking for sexy curves... Lipodrene® is the product for you!

It's everywhere. Lipodrene® has become the benchmark standard for weight loss supplements. If you've ever looked around for a good weight loss product, you've probably seen the yellow hexagon Lipodrene® tablets in tens of thousands of health food stores and online retailers. Since its introduction fifteen years ago, Lipodrene® has sold more than one billion tablets, making it not only Hi-Tech's flagship weight loss aid, but America's #1 ephedra-containing weight loss aid. Lipodrene® has it all when it comes to weight loss ingredients!

What is in Lipodrene®?

One of the hardest hitting fat burners on the market. Probably the best-selling of one of the best-selling supplements in its category ever. That should speak volumes.

One of the only downsides with this weight loss product is the fact that they still use a proprietary blend. And with this product its justified there are just so many companies constantly trying to steal other people’s work. And having this protected behind a prop blend makes sense because of the sheer popularity.

Other Fat Burners by Hi Tech Pharma

Lipodrene Hardcore is exactly as its name suggests. Hi Tech took the original Lipodrene and added additional ingredients to make it stronger, as well as advanced tablet technology to make it last longer. This formula was created for dieters who are hard to please. You will lose weight and feel great as you reach your fitness and diet goals with this new formula! You will be energized, losing weight, and feeling great as a result. Hi Tech says a hardcore diet aid like this has never been created before.

Lipodrene Elite - It has been known for 1000's of years that the leaves of the Coca Plant contain several alkaloids. These leaves have also been consumed as tea in the high Andes for thousands of years. In their natural form, these leaves are completely non-addictive and safe to use. Coca leaves have been used for centuries to combat hunger, thirst, and fatigue. They're the perfect fat burner and energy booster for anyone. Lipodrene Elite, which contains a blend of caffeine and Coca leaves, has been shown in studies to work in synergy with caffeine in studies conducted by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Lipodrene Xtreme - This is Xtreme...This is Lipodrene Xtreme...the most hardcore supplement for weight loss and appetite suppression. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals brings you the strongest energy booster and diet aid on the market. A triple-layer formula and spherical bead polymers make this the most cutting-edge supplement available for "hard to please" dieters and stim junkies. Hi Tech decided to formulate this product for these dieters. A weight loss supplement that combines these two technologies will give you clean energy that lasts longer and won't crash!

How does Lipodrene Hardcore differ from Lipodrene?

Hardcore Lipodrene differs in the amount of stimulants it contains - it contains more stimulants than original Lipodrene so it provides a more potent stimulant. 

... the difference between Lipodrene and Lipodrene Elite?

To provide a stimulant effect and also suppress hunger, Lipodrene Elite uses coca leaves instead of the main ingredient in Lipodrene, Ephedra. 

... the difference between Lipodrene and Lipodrene Xtreme?

For those who are experienced in taking Lipodrene, Lipodrene Xtreme will provide even more energy to satisfy even the most difficult supplement users. In addition to using DMHA instead of ephedra extract, Xtreme also uses different ingredients in its formula.

Lipodrene with ephedra?

This is confusing for a lot of people. Ephedra in its pure form is prohibited for use in the United states but Ephedra Extract is completely legal.

Lipodrene Side Effects

It may raise your blood pressure and interfere with other medications you take. Consult your doctor before using. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Caffeine consumption combined with this product may result in serious health consequences. Before consuming this product, individuals who are sensitive to caffeine should consult a licensed health care professional.

This product is not intended for the treatment, cure, diagnosis, or prevention of any disease. It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Lipodrene® has not been clinically studied. It should not be used in place of or as a substitute for your healthcare professional's recommendations. In order to make these statements, we must take into account the active ingredients: Acacia Rigidula, Ephedra, Theobromine, Yohimbe, Citrus aurantium, Caffeine, Green tea, 5-HTP, 5-methoxytryptamine, and Phenylethylamine.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about Lipodrene

Who sells Lipodrene? Where is Lipodrene sold?

You can find Lipodrene right here at Natty SuperStore along with other products by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals and other premium brands.

What Is Ephedra?

An herb that is used as a stimulant, Ephedra Sinica is a shrub with stems and branches. Most Ephedra species contain the chemical ephedrine, which is prohibited in the United States.

Ephedra: What Does It Do?

By dilating the bronchial tubes, elevating the blood pressure, and increasing the heart rate, ephedra boosts energy levels.

Is Ephedra Legal?

Ephedra extract is legal, but Ephedra in pure form is illegal.

Is Lipodrene in stock and where can I buy Lipodrene?

Lipodrene is in stock at Natty SuperStore and can be bought online. We ship worldwide, however please check with your countries customs authority before importing anything you may be unsure about. We will not be held responsible for any customs delays or rejections.

Does Lipodrene work?

We never make guarantees on any supplements. Remember everyone reacts to things differently but man its hard to say you wont feel this monster. They have sold over 1 billion tablets of this and for a reason. From personal expierence thisi s a heavy hitter, and probably only thing comparable to this hardcore stim fat burner. Is the hardest hitting fat burner on the market which is Red Sky™ by Chaos and Pain®.

Is lipodrene a strong fat burner?

Is Michael Jordan the GOAT? There is some questions that you should simply never ask.

What can you take with Lipodrene?

You can pretty much take anything. But you should remember this has stims so you should always look at the full labels of any products you are stacking with this. The best would probably be something like a Stim Free Pump like Cannibal Permaswole. As you will get all the energy from Lipodrene and Permaswole will bring you the good vasodilation.

Lipodrene Fat Burner with Ephedra Reviews




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