HEAT Fat Burner - Bucked Up

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HEAT Fat Burner - Bucked Up

HEAT Fat Burner is a cellular fat metabolizer backed by five clinically proven, patent-pending ingredients. A scientifically proven formula that supports metabolism, thermogenesis, healthy hormone levels, and natural water loss. Focus and energy are increased with HEAT without feeling overstimulated.†

HEAT will help you become leaner, more defined by boosting your motivation and confidence.†

To forge a sword, you need to stoke the fire. It's the same with our bodies. We need HEAT to build our bodies. Lucky for you, DAS Labs has you covered. With DAS Labs fat burner HEAT, stimulants are not just added as kindling. Only stimulants make a difference half the time.†

And fire needs to burn even when you're not in the gym to burn stubborn fat. Stimulants alone won't do the job.†

How HEAT helps you burn fat:

  • Thermogenesis is the process of heating your body. Fire up the fat-burning process.†
  • Calories are simply a measure of energy. For emergency situations, the body stores excess energy as fat. A faster metabolism burns calories faster before they are stowed away in your gut.†
  • Hormones are also important in fat loss. When you optimize your hormones, you're already miles ahead of your competition.†
  • Focus, mood, motivation: HEAT gives you the focus to function on a calorie deficit, elevates your mood to prevent eating out of emotion, and keeps the motivation to keep you on track both at the gym and in the kitchen.†
  • Bloatedness is a common side effect of water shredding. By gently removing water weight, HEAT facilitates feeling and looking leaner. †

HEAT uses 5 clinically proven, trademarked ingredients to break down fat within the cell. It enhances metabolism, thermogenesis, healthy hormone levels, and natural hydration. The benefits of HEAT include increased focus and energy without the jittery feeling of being overstimulated. Become leaner and more defined by using HEAT to boost your motivation and confidence.†

  • Trademarked ingredients with clinical studies.†
  • A balanced stimulant formula.†
  • 3-in-1 metabolic booster.†
  • 2-in-1 water shredder.†


Dandelion & Uva Ursi - Use to shred and cut water naturally. It can be disconcerting to feel bloated. Our gentle, effective formula will help you look and feel leaner. Each capsule contains 100mg, so it's strong enough to see results without being harsh [1]†.

Dendrobium - It is an ancient Chinese herb used to promote weight loss and metabolism. Since the ban on ephedrine and the scrutiny over DMAA, it has seen an increase in demand [2]†.

Chromax - Chromium picolinate is a trademarked, clinically proven supplement. In the diabetic community, chromium picolinate is a staple for glucose absorption. A higher glucose uptake may prevent unwanted fat from forming from excess glucose. Chromex has been shown to have a higher bioavailability in the body than standard chromium [3]†.

SerinAid - Phosphatidylserine is a trademarked, clinically proven substance. Phosphatidylserine may help regulate cortisol levels in the body and maintain a healthy hormonal balance. This increases your mood while promoting a healthy, fat-burning metabolism [4]†.

Green Tea - It has been clinically proven to burn fat. Through consistent use, a tested staple may promote lipolysis (the body's release of fat) [5]†.

Capsimax - This cayenne pepper extract is concentrated and trademarked. Capsimax produces an extreme thermogenic effect for lack of a better expression. It has been demonstrated that internally heating the abs, one of the body's biggest problem areas, can help eliminate stubborn fat and promote a healthier, more aesthetic appearance [6]†.  

TeaCrine is a clinically proven, trademarked theacrine. Originally derived from exotic fruits, this compound has been formulated to increase energy, mood, workout motivation, and focus without jitters and without rapidly building up a tolerance [7]†.

Synephrine HCL is also called bitter orange extract. It has been shown to be more potently bioavailable when it is in its hydrochloride form. A metabolic and lipolysis booster as well as an appetite suppressant. This formula also contains dendrobium to mimic the effects of the banned ephedrine plant [8]†.

BioPerine - This trademarked, clinically proven extract increases the bioavailability of certain supplements in the human body. In the absence of their uptake, spending hundreds of dollars on supplements and ingredients is pointless [9]†.

Caffeine - The world's most abused drug. To keep you in homeostasis, we put 100mg in HEAT. It is important not to spike your cortisol levels by entering the fight or flight mode when taking caffeine. Stay in a metabolic, fat burning zone with 100mg of caffeine, 25mg of synephrine hcl, 200mg of dendrobium, and 25mg of TeacCrine [10]†.

Chromium - In addition to controlling blood sugar, it combats body fat and curbs carb cravings. Because of its ability to metabolize fat, chromium has been shown to contribute to healthy cholesterol levels. When taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and supplement stack, chromium may help you feel and look better [11]†.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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