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Glaxon Xerion - Longevity & Blood Sugar Support

Xerion Highlights

  • Enhance body composition  +
  • Wellness and longevity can be enhanced  +
  • Enhance the body's metabolic efficiency  +
  • Glycogen retention and insulin sensitivity are increased  +

What is Xerion by Glaxon?

Glaxon's Xerion is the ultimate glucose disposal agent, thanks to a novel approach! By combining the latest science with a long list of cutting-edge ingredients such as BioNMN™, GlucoVantage®, and Pep2Dia®, Xerion targets several vital pathways related to both metabolic efficiency and aging.  +

Why should I take this?

We become less efficient in using energy, particularly carbohydrates, as we age and damage our metabolisms through lifestyle and diet. When you were in your teens, you ate a lot of carbs and remained relatively lean, right? Well, Xerion may just be the equalizer we've all been waiting for. In addition to improving body recomposition, Xerion also supports enhanced longevity and wellness. Live leaner, for longer...  +

How does it exactly work?

Xerion works by increasing insulin sensitivity, increasing glucose transporter activity, and supporting a number of metabolic pathways that normally decline with age. We can improve performance by improving glucose sensitivity and absorption, which increases glycogen retention.  +

Suggested Use

Do not exceed one serving (3 capsules) in a 24-hour period when taking this dietary supplement.  +

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