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GLAXON PLASM SURGE - SLEEVESPLITTING PUMPS: Your arms won't believe it! With Plasm Surge, your muscles will engorge, lactic acid will be flushed out, and you'll be doing double-takes in the mirror. To make it happen, we've assembled an all-star cast of premium, patented ingredients. L-Citrulline (Kyowa Quality), Velox, Setria, Astrolyte Electrolyte Blend, VasoDrive-AP, Astragin, and L-Ornithine HCL are all included in Plasm Surge.+

Plasm Surge provides full electrolyte support. Your electrolyte balance can make the difference between a rewarding workout and a slothful one. There is a difference between reaching the finish line and giving up halfway. To give your muscles what they need to thrive, we've enriched this stim-free pre-workout with full-spectrum electrolytes. Astrolyte Electrolyte Blend provides 1500mg of salts to replenish what's lost during sweat. +

It's sinfully good flavor that makes you want to repent. It's a lip-smacking taste you won't believe. Its out-of-this-world deliciousness that'll have you calling home and telling your family you've found "The One.". Glaxon is famous for its mouthwatering flavors. For great taste, try Americanade or Juicy Apple, or mix unflavored with your favorite beverage. +

What is Plasm Surge?


A non-stimulant nitric oxide booster, Plasm Surge V2 improves endurance, blood flow, hydration, and overall vasodilation to the extremities.  It can also be used as an additive to any stimulant pre-workout for better pumps and blood flow, but differs from Plasm Caps due to its ability to produce nitric oxide almost exclusively through the eNOS pathway.  When it's too late in the day to consume caffeine or stimulants, Plasm Surge V2 can be taken on its own. +


Why should I take Plasm Surge?


To maximize potential muscle growth, Plasm Surge V2 boosts nitric oxide to increase blood flow to the muscles and enhance recovery.  This new upgraded version of Plasm Surge features added hydration from Astrolyte and two patented blends: Velox® and Setria® Performance Blend. +


How Does Plasm Surge Work?


Through the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS), Plasm Surge V2 pump pre-workout facilitates the production of higher levels of nitric oxide.  Our new and improved Plasm Surge V2 formulation is here to stay. +


How Do I take Plasm Surge?


The Plasm Surge V2 pump pre-workout should be taken 15-30 minutes before exercising.  Mix vigorously either 12 scoops or 1 scoop dissolved in 16oz (500mL) of water. Take no more than two scoops in a 24-hour period. +

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