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As part of C-Tox, your daily caffeine intake is tapered over the course of 7 days by starting at 300mgs on your first day, then decreasing by 50mgs per day until you are free of caffeine on the last day. Furthermore, this formula contains a B-Vitamin Complex, amino acids that support mood, and specific Adenosine receptor modulators.

Why should I take it?

Consider taking a vacation from caffeine if you have ever been concerned about your daily caffeine intake, or if you simply want caffeine to work the way it should. As opposed to complete abstinence and the side effects that may accompany it, C-Tox aims to help those who want to take action and taper their caffeine intake gradually. You can use C-Tox to reset your stimulant tolerance if you want to.  

How exactly does C-Tox work?

It works by downregulating adenosine receptor densities and mitigating fatigue and other potential side effects of caffeine withdrawal by tapering caffeine intake over a period of one week, and providing nutrients and compounds that interfere with caffeine's metabolic pathways.

How much of this should I take?

During C-Tox, 50 mgs of caffeine are reduced per day for seven days. We recommend starting by having a 24-hour complete washout of caffeine from your system before beginning. Start taking 6 capsules on day 1, 5 capsules on day 2, 4 capsules on day 3, 3 capsules on day 4, 2 capsules on day 5, and 1 capsule on day 6, with no capsules consumed on day 7.


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