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Glaxon Alpha 365 Male Enhancement

  • Boost your testosterone levels +
  • Grow your muscles to the fullest extent possible  +
  • Storing less fat in the body +
  • Maintain a healthy level of estrogen +
  • Enhance the health of sperm  +

Enhance Muscle Growth by Boosting Natural Testosterone 

Having trouble adding muscle mass? Are you trying to lose fat but feeling like you've lost your libido somewhere? You're not alone. +

For instance, problems you may be experiencing may be related to your testosterone levels not being normal. The good news is Glaxon Alpha 365 can help you naturally increase your testosterone levels. Therefore, this is an all-in-one male enhancement product that will help you feel like yourself once more. +

Moreover, significant decline in testosterone production begins around the age of 30. After that, continues with each passing year as we get older. The truth is, you can still have naturally low testosterone levels even if you are under 30. 

It's time to go Alpha 365! With Glaxon Alpha 365, flip the switch and leave the lights on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, 365 days a year to stay healthy and stay fit. +

Who Can Benefit from This Testosterone Boosting Supplement? 

Firstly, Glaxon Alpha 365 is designed for men who want to increase their testosterone levels. While suppress their estrogen levels, and improve their libido and sperm health. The Alpha 365 can provide dramatic results for those wishing to gain lean muscle mass. 

It was designed to help improve low testosterone levels, even if you’re already in the healthy and normal range. Additionally, it can help sustain the increase in testosterone production for as long as you use the product. +

By addressing estrogen at the aromatase enzyme level and at the receptor level, Glaxon Alpha 365 is a safe and healthy alternative to other muscle-building supplements. +

Key Ingredient Make Up of Alpha 365 by Glaxon

  • DRcaps® – Prevents stomach acid from destroying nutrients and allows the product to pass into the large intestine to enhance absorption. +
  • Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) – A powerful vitamin that improves men's sperm health and testosterone levels +
  • Zinc (as TRACCS™ BisGlycinate Chelate) – Mineral form with high absorption and bioavailability that helps increase free testosterone levels. +
  • Pro-Testosterone Support Blend – Capable of naturally boosting testosterone levels with Fenugreek Extract, Maca, Astaxanthin, Tribulus, Ashwagandha, Velvet Bean, PrimaVie®, and Forskolin. +
  • Lipidox™ – Unique blend of sunflower seed lecithin and bovine bile that facilitates and improves fat-soluble nutrients absorption +
  • Endocrine Shield Blend – An effective combination of Tongkat Ali, Pumpkin Extract, Broccoli, Celery Extract, and Boron that helps to maintain healthy estrogen levels, prevent potential estrogenic side effects, boost libido, reduce fat storage, fight free radicals, and increase lean and dry muscle mass. +
  • Black Pepper (as BioPerine®) – Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Products to Help Enhance Alpha 365

Chemical F™ - Fadogia Agrestis – This is an all-natural herb that’s been used for hundreds of years in parts of Southeast Asia.

Chemical T™ - Tongkat Ali – This is another ingredient from Southeast Asia which will bring the heat in terms of the testosterone products and such. Luckily Alpha 365 already has a small dose of Longjack Extra but most studies show one should always be taking at least 400-450mg for it to be deemed effective. +

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