GHOST® PUMP V2 Nitric Oxide

Size: 40 Servings
Flavors: Natty
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GHOST® PUMP V2 Nitric Oxide

Ghost pump, available at Natty SuperStore, is a clinically dosed product that assists in increasing NO levels in a variety of pathways.

L-citrulline is an amino acid. It increases vasodilation by increasing plasma arginine levels. It is very effective at increasing nitric oxide (“NO”), since vasodilation is primarily mediated by NO production by endothelial cells. Several studies have shown an increase in the number of reps before fatigue, an increase in power output, and a reduction in fatigue with citrulline use. Citrulline may also reduce blood pressure and improve erectile dysfunction.

Taurine is an organic amino acid that is very well tolerated. It confers many health benefits, including formation of new blood vessels. It has been shown in some studies to increase exercise workload and volume and decrease muscle soreness. It may reduce anxiety.

Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T) is a powerful combination of the amino acid l-arginine and nitrate that increases nitric oxide levels primarily through the nitrate-NO pathway. Ghost added Pureway C, a patented vitamin C with better absorption, to pair with the nitrate; antioxidants, like vitamin c, fight nitrate tolerance and are good for health, as nitrates are usually found with nitrates in vegetables.

Pine bark extract increases nitric oxide and provides general health benefits, such as assisting in increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing inflammation.

L-glutathione combined with l-citrulline makes the l citrulline more effective at increasing NO levels.

Astragin is a patented natural compound that assists in nutrient uptake by activating transporter molecules in the small intestine. In fact, Astragin has been clinically shown to increase l-citrulline absorption by 66.7%.

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