Chemical E – Myostatin and Insulin Support

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Chemical E – Myostatin and Insulin Support - It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Chemical Series by Chaos and Pain is miles ahead of a lot of the competition in natural test boosting supplements.

Chemical E is a 90% extract of epicatechin, which is a full-blown powerhouse.

The intended uses and ideology behind epicatechin, aka Chemical E, are very profound, to say the least.

If you do not feel like reading through this and just want the quick and dirty, it is simple, this novel ingredient supports an overall increase in muscle growth, strength, nitric oxide, insulin support, and overall stamina.

The most notable support that Epicatechin provides is that of the ability to lower myostatin.  Myostatin, in simple terms, is the body’s way of regulating muscle growth.  These genetic markers forecast how much muscle tissue the body will maintain or can have, thus lowering myostatins’ ability to control that would allow for an individual to gain more muscle mass of all varieties.

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