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BLACK WIDOW® - Since inception Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has been one of the industry leaders in Energy Related Pills and products. Dropping some memorable products over the years. Black Widow® is not for beginners it contains 25mg of Themo-Z™. However, which is a brand of the illusive ephedra extract. Therefore, is literally made to give all the stim junkies loads and loads of energy.

Popular BLACK WIDOW® Magic

Furthermore, it has a wicked spider on the capsule as well as its over-the-top packaging. Therefore, this product is easily distinguished from popular ephedra products found in convenience stores across America. Millions of people have taken advantage of ephedra products... now this product takes energy products to the next level.

Product Highlights

The "ECA" stack of the 90's combined with Thermo-RX® from Senegalia Berlandieri (often called a fake ephedrine), will set you on fire from the moment you take it. Black Widow® contains Thermo-ZTM brand ephedra (not banned in any state or by the FDA).

If you want to feel great all day and get a kick in the ass, then Black Widow® will not disappoint you. With Black Widow®, you'll never run out of energy. Some highlights might be:

  • All day energy
  • mood booster
  • Euporia feeling

This monster by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals will give you a noticeable difference compared to other diet or energy pills. In addition to helping you lose weight, Black Widow® Diet & Energy capsules are also going to make you feel better.

With Black Widow® with ephedra, you get the power of ephedra as well as mood-boosting natural ingredients that make your weight loss not only easier on your body, but also on your life.



Suggest Use

Take 1 capsule three times daily. Do not exceed 4 capsules in any 24-hour period.

The Science of Black Widow

There is no doubt that Black Widow® is one most effective hardcore energizer/weight management product on the market today because it is HARDCORE. Unlike other energizers, in which you have to take three or four pills to experience any effect...

Black Widow® is so powerful. For instance, with its Senegalia Berlandieri and Ephedra extracts that you only need one pill to get you Cranked-Up! Consider the effects of Black Widow® even if you were a hardcore ephedrine fanatic taking high doses of your favorite ECA stack every day!

Is Senegalia Berlandieri Magic in a Bottle?

This metabolic stimulant is often referred to as the "ephedrine imposter" because of its effectiveness! Senegalia Berlandieri exhibits beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist activity and has been studied in double-blind and placebo controlled studies.

 This study shows that Senegalia Berlandieri increases resting metabolic rate (12+%) to a greater extent than prior studies which found that 10 to 30 mg ephedrine increased energy expenditure by 6.6% to 10%.

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