GLAXON SERENITY V3 - Stress Support

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GLAXON SERENITY V3 - Stress Support

GLAXON SERENITY V3 - Stress Support - By regulating Cortisol activity through multiple mechanisms, Serenity is designed to normalize excess physical and mental stress. The combination of Phosphatidylserine with Quercetin and Magnolol/Honokiol reduces stress and regulates cortisol activity. As part of Serenity, you will also find a new trademarked form of Ashwagandha called Shoden®, which actually contains 35% Withanolides, the highest standardization available in nutritional supplements at the moment. +

Finally, in this new version of Serenity, we've added two new extracts to support mood and weight management: Sebrium DCD, a novel form of Kanna, and Kyowa Quality® MHBA, a hop-derived bitter acid. +

Why should I take Serenity?

A catabolic hormone, Cortisol, can be produced when a person experiences excessive psychological stress or overtraining. Cortisol can reduce muscle tissue and make the body more prone to storing fat. A stress hormone called cortisol can also affect the mood or judgement of a person. For these reasons, we created Serenity to dampen the effects of excessive cortisol and enhance mood and well-being. +

How does this product work?

The three mechanisms by which Serenity modulates cortisol production are three different. According to the leading hypothesis of Phosphatidylserine, it inhibits ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic hormone) production - which actually stimulates cortisol production - by inhibiting its secretion. Also, we have used Quercetin and Magnolol to prevent the enzyme from converting cortisone into cortisol by inhibiting 11-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. + 

Additionally, quercetin inhibits the enzyme that creates cortisol from 11-deoxycorticosterone through a secondary mechanism.  To further reduce stress, we also utilize Shoden®, a form of Ashwagandha with 35% Withanolide content. +

How much should I take?

To relieve stress, take three capsules of Serenity approximately one hour before desired effect. +  

Please note: do not exceed three doses in 24 hours. +

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