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Product Review: Chosen1 Prohormone by Blackstone Labs - In the realm of fitness and bodybuilding, the quest for the ultimate supplement to enhance muscle strength, size, and recovery is perpetual. Amidst this quest, Blackstone Labs presents Chosen1 Prohormone, a potent formula that stands out not just for its effectiveness but for its promise of destiny-chosen gains. Rated at an impressive 4.6 stars, Chosen1 is a testament to the pinnacle of prohormone innovation, promising users a remarkable transformation in their physique and performance. This review delves into the intricate details of Chosen1, exploring its components, benefits, and overall user experience.

What is Chosen1?

Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs is a formidable contender in the prohormone market, distinguished by its primary ingredient, 1-DHEA. This compound is a precursor to 1-testosterone, a potent testosterone derivative known for its ability to significantly enhance muscle mass and strength without the common pitfalls associated with traditional steroids.

  • Increased Muscle Mass: Chosen1's formulation promotes substantial gains in muscle size, making it a go-to for serious bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Lean and Dry Gains: Unlike other supplements, Chosen1 ensures gains without bloating or water retention, thanks to its non-aromatizing nature.
  • Enhanced Strength and Recovery: Users of Chosen1 can expect notable improvements in strength and a faster recovery rate, enhancing overall performance.

In summary, Chosen1 is not just any supplement; it is a meticulously designed prohormone that guarantees increased muscle mass, lean and dry gains, and enhanced strength and recovery, all while being completely legal and safe for liver function.

What does Chosen1 do?

Chosen1 sets itself apart by providing sustained release of 1-DHEA, ensuring elevated levels of this muscle-building powerhouse throughout the day. This process leads to drier gains, minimal fat accumulation, and improved aggression in the gym.

  • No Estrogen Conversion: The DHT derivative nature of Chosen1 eliminates the risk of estrogen conversion, making it ideal for achieving lean muscle mass.
  • Optimal Bioavailability: With 99% bioavailability, Chosen1 promises effective delivery to the muscles, maximizing its potency.
  • Safe for Liver: Being non-methylated, Chosen1 does not pose a risk to liver health, distinguishing it as a safer alternative to other muscle-building supplements.

Chosen1 stands out as a superior prohormone supplement by ensuring optimal bioavailability, promoting lean and dry muscle gains, and safeguarding liver health, all contributing to its reputation as a safe and effective option for bodybuilders and athletes.

Where can you buy Chosen1?

Chosen1, along with thousands of other premium fitness and health supplements, is available on Natty SuperStore, a renowned platform for high-quality, effective, and safe bodybuilding products.

Chosen1 experience?

Our experience with Chosen1 has been nothing short of admirable. The noticeable increase in muscle mass, strength, and recovery, coupled with the absence of any negative side effects such as bloating or liver toxicity, solidifies Chosen1's status as a top-tier prohormone supplement.

Pros of Chosen1

  • Significant Muscle Gains: Chosen1 effectively promotes increased muscle size and strength.
  • Optimal Physical Condition: Users can achieve lean, dry gains, enhancing their physique without unwanted water retention.
  • Health-Conscious Formula: The supplement ensures no liver toxicity and supports overall well-being with recommended cycle support.

Cons of Chosen1

  • Cycle Support Required: To maximize safety, it is advised to use on-cycle support supplements, adding an extra step to the regimen.
  • PCT Necessary: Post-cycle therapy is recommended to maintain gains and restore natural hormone levels.

Breakdown of Ingredients

1-DHEA Blend (65mg)

The heart of Chosen1 is its 1-DHEA blend, a powerful component that transforms the body's muscle-building capabilities.

  • Enhances Muscle Mass: Promotes substantial increases in muscle size.
  • Promotes Lean Gains: Ensures gains are lean and devoid of water retention.
  • Improves Strength and Recovery: Users experience enhanced strength and faster recovery times.

In essence, the 1-DHEA blend in Chosen1 facilitates impressive muscle growth, lean gains, and improved physical performance, making it a cornerstone ingredient for serious athletes.

Products you can use with Chosen1

Following a cycle of Chosen1 Prohormone by Blackstone Labs, it's crucial to engage in proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) to ensure your body's natural hormone levels stabilize while maintaining the muscle gains you've worked hard for. Three PCT products that are compatible and recommended for use after completing a Chosen1 cycle include:

  • PCT V by Blackstone Labs - Specifically designed to complement the effects of prohormones like Chosen1, PCT V aims to restore the body’s natural testosterone levels. It also helps in reducing estrogen, supporting liver health, and maintaining lean muscle mass. Its comprehensive formula makes it an ideal choice for a seamless transition post-cycle.
  • Cannibal Alpha PCT by Chaos and Pain® - This PCT product stands out for its aggressive approach to testosterone restoration and estrogen control. Formulated with a variety of natural extracts and clinically backed ingredients, Cannibal Alpha PCT not only supports hormonal balance but also aids in preserving muscle gains and enhancing libido, making it a robust option for post-cycle therapy.
  • Hell Raiser PCT by Innovative Laboratories - Hell Raiser PCT is designed to address the critical aspects of post-cycle recovery, including testosterone replenishment, estrogen reduction, and liver detoxification. Its multifaceted approach ensures that users can effectively maintain their physique improvements while safeguarding their overall health, thus making it a valuable addition to any PCT regimen.

Each of these PCT products offers a unique set of benefits tailored to support the body’s recovery and maintain the gains achieved during the Chosen1 cycle. Choosing the right PCT product will depend on individual needs, health status, and specific goals post-cycle.

Summary and Verdict

Chosen1 Prohormone by Blackstone Labs emerges as an exceptional supplement, meriting its 4.6-star rating through its ability to deliver substantial muscle gains, ensure lean and dry improvements, and support overall physical performance without compromising health. Our experience with Chosen1 has been admirably positive, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and effective choice for anyone looking to elevate their fitness journey.

Verdict: Chosen1 is a stellar prohormone supplement that lives up to its promise of destiny-chosen gains. Its comprehensive benefits and safety profile make it a must-try for dedicated bodybuilders and athletes seeking to transcend their limits.


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