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Product Review: 1-AD Anabolic Agent by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Are you on the hunt for a hormone support supplement that surpasses your expectations with an array of benefits? The 1-AD Anabolic Agent from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals could be the game-changer you've been searching for. With its groundbreaking formula and cutting-edge technology, this supplement is designed to propel your muscle-building journey to new heights.

What is 1-AD Anabolic Agent?

The 1-AD Anabolic Agent is a prohormone supplement that leverages the power of 1-testosterone. Unlike other hormones, 1-testosterone is renowned for its inability to convert to estrogen, thereby eliminating concerns of water retention and ensuring it's more anabolic than traditional testosterone. Its muscle-building potential is often compared to that of Anavar, highlighting its efficacy.

  • Cyclosome Technology: Utilizes an advanced delivery method to ensure prohormones are transported effectively throughout the body.
  • Non-Estrogenic: Prevents conversion to estrogen, thus sidestepping water retention.
  • Muscle Enhancement: Facilitates significant muscle growth and hardness.

In summary, 1-AD Anabolic Agent stands out for its innovative approach to muscle building, offering a potent alternative that focuses on lean muscle gains and enhanced strength without the drawbacks of estrogenic effects.

What does 1-AD Anabolic Agent do?

By boosting testosterone levels without the risk of converting to estrogen, 1-AD works harmoniously with your body’s natural processes. It features Androsterone or 1-DHEA prominently among its ingredients, a compound shared by many supplements but utilized more effectively here thanks to Hi-Tech's proprietary technology.

  • Boosts Testosterone: Enhances natural testosterone levels without converting it to estrogen.
  • Lean Muscle Gains: Promotes the growth of lean muscle mass.
  • Dual-Step Conversion: Engages a two-step process that converts 1-AD to 1-Testosterone, optimizing hormone levels.

The essence of 1-AD lies in its ability to harmonize with the body's natural mechanisms, offering a boost in testosterone and lean muscle gains without unwanted side effects.

Where can you buy 1-AD Anabolic Agent?

This innovative product, along with thousands more, is available on Natty SuperStore, ensuring you get your hands on the best supplements the industry has to offer.

1-AD Anabolic Agent experience?

Our experience with 1-AD Anabolic Agent has been exceptionally positive. The results exceeded our expectations, delivering on its promise of increased lean muscle mass and strength without the negative effects associated with other hormonal supplements.


  • Revolutionary muscle gains with minimal water retention
  • Low risk of estrogen conversion, suitable for cutting cycles
  • Strengthens body composition while reducing excess fat
  • Non-methylated formula, ensuring liver safety


  • Not suitable for women
  • Requires a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to maintain gains and regulate hormone levels

Breakdown of Ingredients

1-DHEA (1-Androsterone): A key ingredient that converts to 1-testosterone, bypassing traditional conversion paths that lead to estrogen, thus offering lean muscle gains and strength.

  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Enhances overall body strength
  • Supports muscle hardness and definition

In essence, 1-DHEA stands as a cornerstone of 1-AD's formula, providing the foundational support for its muscle-building and strength-enhancing benefits.

Post Cycle Support

After completing a cycle of 1-AD Anabolic Agent, engaging in a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is crucial to maintain the gains you've worked hard for, minimize potential increases in estrogen, and rejuvenate your natural testosterone production. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has designed a specific PCT supplement, Arimistane, recommended to be taken 30 days after you've completed your cycle with 1-AD. This strategic approach helps in stabilizing hormone levels and preserving muscle gains.

Another highly recommended option for PCT is Cannibal Alpha PCT by Chaos and Pain. This product has been reformulated to include a potent blend of ingredients, including Fadogia Agrestis, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, and the innovative Virilast®. These components are selected for their effectiveness in supporting the body’s natural hormonal balance post-cycle, ensuring that you retain the muscle and strength gains achieved.

Liver Support

While 1-AD and similar prohormones today are non-methylated, implying a reduced risk to liver health, incorporating liver support into or following your prohormone cycle is a wise precaution. Products like Liver and Organ Defender by 5% Nutrition or Chemical-OD™ by Chaos and Pain® are recommended for their comprehensive liver and organ health support, safeguarding your body's vital functions throughout and after intense supplementation phases.


With a 4.6-star rating, 1-AD Anabolic Agent stands as a testament to the innovative approach and dedication of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals to deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations. It's a testament to the power of cutting-edge science and nutritional engineering in the pursuit of peak physical performance.


The 1-AD Anabolic Agent by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals represents a significant advancement in the realm of hormone support supplements, specifically designed for those aiming to enhance muscle mass, strength, and overall physical performance without the undesirable side effects associated with traditional anabolic agents. This product utilizes cutting-edge Cyclosome Technology to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness of its key ingredient, 1-DHEA (1-Androsterone), which is pivotal for its non-estrogenic properties, leading to lean muscle gains, enhanced strength, and reduced body fat.

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