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LOADED PRE by RYSE Supps - Science and flavor combine to create an unforgettable experience! Research-backed ingredients are used in RYSE Loaded Pre-Workout to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Pumps, energy, and focus are all produced by our unique formula. As a result, the dreaded crash does not occur. +

Pump. Energy. Strength.

LOADED Highlights

  • For explosive pumps, L-Citrulline is 4.5 grams per scoop +
  • Concentration booster with a combination of 10mg Thinkamine™ and Nootropic ingredients. +
  • To overcome muscle fatigue, take 3.5 grams of Beta Alanine +
  • ZumXR™ provides 120MG of extended-release caffeine to prevent crashes +
  • You know exactly what's in your body thanks to transparent labeling and formula +

LOADED PRE-WORKOUT Ingredients Panel

L-Citrulline - As opposed to our Core Pre-workout, this formula uses pure L-Citrulline instead of Citrulline Malate. Although, this makes the formula more current. How does L-Citrulline work? For instance, natural watermelon L-Citrulline can enhance athletic performance, decrease fatigue, increase blood flow, and fortify your immune system. + [1,2,3,4,5]

Because L-Citrulline can pass through the liver, where most arginine gets destroyed, it produces nitric oxide more effectively than arginine. However, the effective dose of L-Citrulline has been found to be anywhere between 2.4 - 7 grams per day. +

Beta Alanine - A must-have pre-workout. Therefore, Carnosine, the real MVP, is formed by supplementing with beta-alanine. Carnosine buffers lactic acid to allow you to pump out more reps before becoming fatigued. + [6,7,8,9,10]

LOADED PRE-WORKOUT didn't stop there.

Thinkamine™ - The focus aspect of pre-workout is the other half. Furthermore, with Thinkamine, you get laser focused workouts with one of the best nootropics on the market. Additionally, Loaded pre-workout has a combination of Vitacoline and Thinkamine™, the latter being USP-certified cololine.This helps maintain your focus and helps active muscles form acetylcholine, which is responsible for synaptic transmission. + [11,12,13]

L-Theanine - L-Theanine is the next topic we'll discuss. In addition to giving, you all those listed benefits, L-theanine helps make your stimulant intake smoother. + [14,15,16]

Tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which can reduce anxiety, stress, and jitters. After that, RYSE loaded pre-workout will give you the power of science and some amazing flavor combinations, along with some amazing workouts! +

Caffeine - After that, Caffeine improves endurance and wakes you up. The only problem is that it can wear off after a while. + [17]




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