Gorilla Mode Signature Series High-Stim Pre-Workout

Flavor: Blue Raspberry
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Gorilla Mode Signature Series High-Stim Pre-Workout Formula by Gorilla Mind, now available at Natty SuperStore, sets a new standard for pre-workout supplements, meticulously designed for the most demanding athletes.

Premium Formulation This pre-workout is crafted in collaboration with Lexx Little, featuring an exclusive label design and a sophisticated flavor profile. The innovative formula is designed to deliver not just intense energy and focus but also enhanced force production, muscular endurance, and substantial pumps, all with a flavor that excels in taste.

  • Aggressively potent for energy and stamina.
  • Engineered to facilitate sharp mental focus.
  • Delivers enhanced force production and muscular endurance.

Flavor Innovation Taste is an essential aspect of any pre-workout experience, and Gorilla Mode Signature Series does not disappoint. Available in Blue Raspberry and Tequila Sunrise, these flavors are perfected to provide an exceptional taste that's as satisfying as the performance benefits.

  • Blue Raspberry offers a perfect blend of tartness and sweetness.
  • Tequila Sunrise provides a unique, invigorating taste profile.
  • Crafted to deliver an amazing taste along with performance benefits.

Unmatched Efficacy The comprehensive blend of ingredients in Gorilla Mode Signature Series ensures that every aspect of your workout is amplified. The formula includes a substantial dose of L-Citrulline, L-Tyrosine, and Beta-Alanine, among other premium ingredients, to deliver a pre-workout experience that's unparalleled.

  • Contains 6000 mg of L-Citrulline for massive pumps.
  • Includes 5000 mg of L-Tyrosine for increased cognitive function.
  • Features 3200 mg of Beta-Alanine to enhance muscular endurance.

Recommended Usage For optimal results and to respect the high-stimulant nature of this formula, start with ½ to 1 scoop to assess tolerance. It's advised not to mix this pre-workout with other stimulants to prevent overstimulation.

Gorilla Mode Signature Series High-Stim Pre-Workout is the go-to choice for serious athletes available at the Natty SuperStore, delivering an unparalleled boost to your workout routine. This product is tailored to provide the edge needed to perform at your peak, taste excellence with every serving, and achieve your training goals with unmatched intensity and focus.

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