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What does this Pre-Workout do?

  • You know and love the formula and flavors+
  • Enhances gym performance+
  • Hardcore Focus+
  • An energy source that lasts for a long time+
  • Vascularity & Muscle Fullness+
  • Powerful Muscle Connection & Laser Focus+

As you head into the gym, you should have one goal -- complete and utter destruction of the iron. You need a pre-workout that emboldens your mind and muscles for the impending battle with the pre-workout. A cutting-edge pre-workout will push you to the limit and then some.+

Dust X is the most powerful and explosive pre-workout ever developed. With every scoop, you'll experience intense, long-lasting energy and sleeve-splitting pumps that will keep you in the gym all day long. Dust X is the only pre-workout for hardcore training!+

Which Product is better Dust V2 or Dust X?

With the addition of stimulants, Dust X really pushes you. In comparison to Dust X, Dust V2 is more accessible for anyone who works out, whereas experienced users should only use Dust X. Both are stimulant pre-workouts. In addition, the new extreme formula contains 300mg of caffeine. Visit the tabs on this page to read more reviews of the new formula.+

Can I stack this?

  • Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole
  • BCAA Resurgence BCAA+Nootropics
  • Blackstone Labs Carnitrim
  • Blackstone Labs Juiced Up
  • Blackstone Labs Creatine Monohydrate

What is in Dust X?

  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 (4g) - Increases blood flow, vasodilation, blood flow, oxygen/nutrient transport, and skin-tearing pumps by stimulating nitric oxide production! In addition to enhancing NO production, citrulline malate maximizes performance and endurance more effectively than L-Arginine.+
  • Beta Alanine (2.5g) - Increases stamina and reduces fatigue by improving muscle lactic acid removal. Beta alanine has been shown to increase endurance, exercise capacity, and athletic performance in numerous studies.+
  • Agmatine Sulfate (1g) - By inhibiting arginine's breakdown enzyme (arginase), it promotes dense, long-lasting pumps and NO production. Combined with Citrulline Malate, Agmatine delivers a constant and powerful surge of nitric oxide during workouts.+
  • L-Tyrosine (1g) - Induces the release of several important neurotransmitters (dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine) that enhance focus and alertness while training, while reducing stress, which can lead to premature fatigue.+
  • Dimethylaminoethanol (750mg) - During intense exercise, it increases the production of acetylcholine, "the learning neurotransmitter," which enhances concentration, memory, and focus.+
  • Phenylethylamine (500mg) - As a central nervous system stimulant, it increases levels of dopamine and serotonin. A spike in mood and well-being is caused when phenylethylamine (PEA) crosses the blood-brain barrier.+
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) - Kicks you in the ass and motivates you to hit the gym! In addition to providing demonstrably increased energy, focus, and motivation, caffeine anhydrous is fast-absorbing and highly stimulating.+
  • 2-aminoisoheptane (150mg) - Also known as DMHA, 2-aminoisoheptane is an aliphatic amine that promotes laser focus, intense energy, and relentless drive. It's the heir apparent to the king of stims.+
  • Higenamine (75mg) - The production of noradrenaline (norepinephrine) activates the "fight or flight" response. In addition to enhancing fat burning during workouts, Higenamine provides that "little something extra" that other pre-workout supplements lack.+
  • Huperzine A (300mcg) - Inhibits acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, indirectly increasing acetylcholine production. When combined with DMAE, hyperzine promotes long-term focus, concentration, and alertness.+

How do I take Dust X?

Blackstone Labs recommends taking one scoop 30 minutes before your workout on training days. Take one scoop in the morning on non-training days. This product is extremely potent, so new users should start with half a scoop to assess their tolerance. Do not exceed one scoop a day. Dust X shouldn't be taken for more than 8 weeks. Take 4 weeks off before starting a new cycle.+

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