CHOSEN1 - Chosen By Destiny

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CHOSEN1 - Chosen By Destiny

CHOSEN1 - Chosen By Destiny - One of the highest-powered pro andros available on the market is Chosen 1, a 1-DHEA product that was chosen by destiny. You can count on Blackstone products to make your muscles stronger, drier, and look amazing.+

What Can I Expect from Chosen1?

  • Muscle mass is increased+
  • There is no bloating or water retention+
  • There is no liver toxicity+
  • Gains that are lean and dry+
  • There is no conversion of estrogen+
  • Strength & recovery increased+
  • Totally legal+

What is in Chosen1

1-DHEA Blend (65mg)

Chosen1 is a precursor to 1-testosterone, a powerful testosterone derivative. In terms of its potency, 1-testosterone has a probolic/androgenic ratio of 1:2. In the gym, this allows for drier gains and more aggression.

Chosen 1 is a derivative of DHT, so it cannot aromatize into estrogen. Chosen 1 increases muscle mass, no bloating, lean and dry gains, no estrogen conversion, and improves strength and recovery, making it one of the best hardcore supplements on the market. +

Firstly, Chosen1 provides a sustained release of 1-DHEA (1 androstene-3b-ol,17-one). As a result, you will have elevated levels of this powerful muscle builder throughout the day. The 1-DHEA molecule undergoes a two-step conversion process, first converting to 1-androstenediol and then converting to 1-testosterone.

Compared to any other muscle-building supplement, 1-DHEA does not aromatize and boasts an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 1:2, meaning drier gains, less fat accumulation, more aggression in the gym, and better performance in the bedroom.

Furthermore, 99% of Chosen1's 1-DHEA supplement is bioavailable, ensuring it survives the tortuous journey through the GI system and reaches your muscles effectively. Chosen1's increased size, reduced body fat, and improved performance make it an easy choice. +

Does Chosen1 cause any liver issues?

Chosen1 does not affect the liver because it is not methylated. Chosen1 does not harm liver function in any way because the liver contains the enzymes needed to convert 1-DHEA into 1-testosterone. For serious bodybuilders and athletes, this is a serious product. +

Do I need a Cycle Support?

It is recommended to take an on-cycle support supplement while taking Chosen1 to help protect the body from any harmful side effects. Blackstone Labs Gear Support is an all-in-one body support that contains red clover extract. Clinically proven health benefits of red clover extract include improving liver function.

Everyone needs this ingredient, whether they are bodybuilders, athletes, or just average people. By acting as a diuretic, it cleanses the blood and clears the lungs of mucous, improves blood circulation, and cleanses the liver. Gear Support also contains NAC, hawthorne berry, saw palmetto, coenzyme q10, celery seed extract, and grape seed extract. +

When should you use on-cycle support? However, the duration should be between 4 and 8 weeks. On-cycle support supplements should be taken throughout your Chosen1 cycle.  Therefore, Gear Support will help counteract any issues with cholesterol levels, blood pressure, prostate health, and inflammation, even though Chosen1 is not methylated. +

What can I stack Chosen1 with?

Looking to build up more lean muscle mass when taking Chosen 1? These stacks can help you bring in even better results when stacking this product with other Blackstone Labs supplements. +

Do I need a PCT?

Blackstone Labs PCT V

Although, to help ensure your body restores its natural test levels and eliminate any unwanted side effects at the end of a cycle, it is recommended that you take a PCT supplement after taking Chosen1. After that, PCT supplements help restart natural testosterone production, reduce estrogen, regenerate liver cells, and maintain lean muscle mass gains.+

Is Chosen1 a Steroid?

No, Chosen1 is not a steroid, it is a non-methylated prohormone.+ 

Do I need to Cycle Chosen1?

Blackstone Labs recommends cycling for 8-12 weeks, followed by post-cycle therapy.+

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