BUM Energy Drink

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BUM Energy Drink RTD 12 Case: Unleashing Clean Energy with Balance

Introducing Christ Bumstead's signature creation, the BUM Energy Drink—a refreshing and balanced energy solution designed for sustained vitality. Each can contain a moderate dose of 112mg of caffeine, ensuring that you can enjoy the energizing effects without over-stimulation.

One of the standout features of BUM Energy Drinks is the inclusion of 250mg of Cognizin, a patented form of Citicoline known for its potential to support cognitive health. Remarkably, this energy drink boasts no artificial colors, zero sugar, and a minimal calorie count of just 5 per can.

BUM Energy RTD 12 Case Features & Advantages

•    Balanced 112mg of Caffeine Per Can
•    250mg of Cognizin Citicoline for Enhanced Mental Focus
•    Free of Artificial Colors
•    Ultra-Low Caloric Content—Just 5 Calories Per Can
•    Zero Sugar for a Guilt-Free Experience

What is the Caffeine Content in BUM Energy Drinks?

BUM Energy Drinks are crafted with mindfulness towards caffeine content, featuring a balanced 112mg of natural caffeine per can. This moderate caffeine level is designed to deliver a noticeable boost of energy without overwhelming your system, making it possible to enjoy more than one can per day without excessive jitteriness or discomfort.

The BUM Energy Drink, crafted under the guidance of Christ Bumstead, strikes a harmonious balance between providing a much-needed energy kick and promoting overall wellbeing. It’s an energy drink reimagined—less about intense stimulation and more about providing a sustained, clean energy source that complements your lifestyle.

With BUM Energy Drinks, you're not just grabbing a quick caffeine fix—you're choosing a smarter, cleaner, and more balanced way to energize your day. Whether you're heading into a workout, starting a long day at work, or simply need a pick-me-up, BUM Energy is designed to be your go-to choice for a reliable and health-conscious energy boost.

Remember, it’s not just about energy; it’s about energy with integrity—something that CBUM Energy Drinks deliver in every can.

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