5150 High Stimulant Pre-Workout: Legendary Series

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5150 High Stimulant Pre-Workout: Legendary Series

5150 High Stimulant? With over 400mg of Caffeine per serving, 5150® Legendary Series also delivers powerful energy and nootropic Cocoabuterol®.


5% Nutrition is the only way to grow as a true master of the craft and lifting is your life. You should be aware that you are heading into deeper waters just by the very name of the product.

What does 5150® mean?

5150 High Stimulant Pre-Workout: Legendary Series - It was Rich Piana who originally came up with the name "5150®" for this stimulant-packed pre-workout to convey that it was not for just anyone, but for the serious stim junkies among us. Although Rich was not saying that taking 5150® pre-workout would result in a 72-hour "involuntary psychiatric hold," he was conveying its importance!

5150 High Stimulant Pre-Workout - What's in it?

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Dicaffeine Malate
  • Theobromine
  • Green Tea
  • Yerba Mate Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • and Gotu Kola Extract

Eight different kinds of caffeine are combined in this product to create an extended energy curve and eliminate the jitters associated with caffeine and the caffeine crash that often occurs with highly caffeinated products.

5150 High Stimulant Pre-Workout is back and better than ever.

Those stim-junkies will be lining up once again with this supercharged formula! Just one scoop of 5150® will deliver over 400mg of caffeine into your bloodstream. You are about to blast yourself into a gym session with a blend of caffeine from, 8 sources:

COCOABUTEROL® Cocoa Alkaloid Extract (Theobroma caco L.)
Cocobuterol® is a dietary weight loss supplement designed to boost your energy and mood while activating thermogenic fat burning. Cocoabuterol® contains natural alkaloids that increase cAMP via beta-adrenoceptors, which increase thermogenic fat burning and muscle building. The result is fat burning and muscle building without side effects [1].

Cocoabuterol® does not have the edginess often associated with caffeine, while it lasts longer, while it balances your body's onramp and offramp of caffeine, enhancing those benefits. Cocoabuterol® works to smooth out the caffeine curve, so you won't experience the shakes and jitteriness that are common with excessive caffeine consumption.

Legendary Ingredients..

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS - Many of the best pre-workouts and energy-based products use Caffeine Anhydrous as a fast-acting energy source. In a short period of time, it will enhance your mental alertness by stimulating your central nervous system, resulting in a boost in energy output [2].

DI-CAFFEINE MALATE - An interesting aspect of Di-Caffeine Malate is the way it influences and reflects time-released energy production. It helps increase energy and focus, just as caffeine does. Moreover, Di-CM gives you the energy to cope with fatigue during workouts as well as improves endurance and stamina [3].

THEOBROMINE - Caffeine and theobromine are both methylxanthine compounds with similar chemical structures. Theobromine is similar in structure to caffeine, but it is only about one tenth as powerful.

Pre-Workout too strong?

In contrast to most stimulants, theobromine has actually been shown to lower blood pressure. Similar to the amino acid Arginine, it is believed to have mild vasodilating properties and to increase blood flow [4].

YOHIMBINE HCL - In the last twenty years, Yohimbine hydrochloride (HCl) has been widely studied for its fat-loss and aphrodisiac effects. In the genital region, it has been shown to increase blood flow, nerve impulse transmission, and excitability [5].

OTHER SOURCES OF CAFFEINE - There are numerous caffeine sources in this product: Green Tea leaves, Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana Seed Extract (Paullinia cupana), Rauvolfia Canescens (Alpha-Yohimbine), Green Coffee Bean Extract (Seed), and Gotu Kola Extract (Centella asiatica).

Synephrine Hydrochloride - Natural synthetic alkaloid synthetic phenephrine produced by plants and used as a dietary supplement is raw synephrine HCL powder. 

As a matter of fact, it is found in the rind of the orange, which is why it is called "bitter orange". There are some more modern-day uses for bitter orange, such as weight loss and aid in the battle against athlete's foot [6].

All the High Stimulant you want..

By enhancing carbohydrates' utilization, synephrine hcl produces more ATP energy. In addition to facilitating glucose uptake in muscle cells, it also facilitates glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis, glycolysis, and oxygen uptake. Synephrine hcl is also effective at increasing inflammatory responses in the body in addition to inhibiting NF-kB activation. The synephrine hcl powder also binds to β3-adrenergic receptors, increasing the body's ability to breakdown fat.

L-Citrulline 4,000 mg - The nitric oxide (NO) pumping power of citrulline makes it the ideal ingredient for creating sleeve-stretching pumps in the muscles and improving performance. Citrulline contributes to the production of ATP when your muscles need more energy. As a bonus, it reduces exercise fatigue and increases workout endurance by buffering the buildup of ammonia in muscle [7].

The citrulline molecule affects both the glycolytic and phosphagen energy systems. This compound modulates enzymes involved in glycogen breakdown, glycogenolysis, and glucose oxidation (glycolysis). This action shifts muscle metabolism from aerobic to anaerobic. The muscles have access to more energy for a longer period of time.

Energy and Focus?

Huperzine-A - A limited range of pre-workouts and sports nutrition products will contain Huperzine-A, a nootropic alkaloid that enhances cognitive function levels and has neuroprotective properties. A derivative of club moss (Huperzia serrata), hyperzine A boosts focus during training [8].

Beta-Alanine - In addition to buffering acid and reducing fatigue, carnosine increases levels in the working muscles, allowing you to push your repetitions and sets deep into the growth zone [9].

Beta-alanine and histidine are two amino acids that occur naturally in the body. Carnosine is one of the most important buffers of acid. Carnosine increases muscle buffering capacity by delaying the onset of muscle fatigue and failure, while improving muscular strength and endurance.

L-Taurine 2000mg - Taurine is the reason so many energy drinks include it, since it reduces the acute effects of caffeine entering the body as well as jitteriness.

5150 has done it once again.

 Moreover, when cells contain more water, they tend to produce more effects related to recovery and anabolism [10].

Fat-burning supplements often contain taurine because it can reduce the side effects of muscle cramping.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 750mg - N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) is an amino acid. Although, it is synthesized from the nonessential amino acid, L-Tyrosine. Also, tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters.

When taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, NALT may assist with exercise recovery. In addition, it may help maintain a healthy weight in already healthy individuals*. NACT may support healthy mood, contribute to the feeling of well-being, and assist cognition in already healthy individuals* [11].

Choline Bitartrate - choline is usually used to enhance cognition. (production of acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter) In addition, to reduce fatty liver buildup (as a nootropic). There are two kinds of choline, phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine. Which are important neurotransmitters. Furthermore, involved in memory, muscle control, metabolism, and lipid transport [12].

+Much more.

5150 High Stimulant Pre-Workout Review


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