Anavar Anabolic Agent

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Anavar Anabolic Agent

One of the most popular questions out there is where can I buy Anavar? Well the answer is great you can buy it on Natty SuperStore.

In addition to increasing muscle growth and testosterone circulation, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar also increases nitrogen retention in the body. As a result, free testosterone levels are increased, resulting in muscle growth. This process also inhibits glucocorticoid hormones, which control catabolic hormones, such as cortisol.

Anavar® Highlights

  • Compounds with extraordinary muscle-building properties.
  • Maximum Muscle Vasodilation with L-Arginine and Arginase Inhibitors ABH and BEC.
  • Increases protein synthesis with Ecdybolin, Ecdysterone, and 6-Keto-Diosgenin.
  • Controlled release technology with several prohormone esters.
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and Phosphocreatine (PCr) for Intense Muscular Contraction.


As far as Anavar Anabolic Agent's direct functions and traits are concerned, the most important are its ability to increase nitrogen retention, decrease SHBG, and inhibit glucocorticoids. As reduced nitrogen levels tend to result in a catabolic state, an increase in nitrogen retention will promote an anabolic atmosphere.

A decrease in SHBG will result in a higher level of free testosterone in the body, not only increasing the anabolic punch but also promoting the release of all anabolic hormones that circulate. The inhibition of glucocorticoid hormones, which cause muscle wasting, makes the steroids more effective. Cortisol is the most well-known of these hormones.

The hormones promote fat gain and damage lean muscle tissue. Anavar® contains 4-Androstenolone, also known as 4-androstenolone,17-one, or 4-ANDRO in the bodybuilding community. Products containing 4-Androstenolone are great stackers. 4-Androstenolone has been shown to increase testosterone levels and improve performance in both experimental and anecdotal studies.

Anavar unique structure..

One of the features of Anavar® is its unique structure, which makes it ideal for people seeking hormonal balance. Many believe that this steroid hormone is resistant to metabolic clearance. However, because it contains a double bond at its first molecule. 

The 1-Andro prohormone may enhance the ratio of androgen to estrogen in your body, without adding additional metabolites you might not want to take. The last ingredient in Anavar® is Epiandrosterone, which is an endogenous steroid hormone that has androgenic activity. Epiandrosterone is created as a metabolite of testosterone in the body.

 The 5alpha-reduced androgen (a DHT derivative) cannot aromatize to estrogens due to its nature as a 5alpha-reduced androgen. Epiandrosterone stands out from other now banned prohormones that can either aromatize directly, convert to an aromatizing product, or both.

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