BUCKED UP® Pre-Workout

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BUCKED UP® Pre-Workout

The flagship pre-workout formula by DAS Labs.

BUCKED UP® Pre Workout is said to deliver:

  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Focus
  • Pump

BUCKED UP® was created for two purposes. It was created to take your workouts to the next level.

BUCKED UP® Pre-Workout doesn't use proprietary blends. It is very simple - they say they have nothing to hide. Because we know you don't want to spend money on a supplement that is not going to work, BUCKED UP® doesn't contain ineffective doses of any ingredients. BUCKED UP® is the pre-workout everyone can agree on if they want pumps, focus, energy, and growth. Each serving contains approximately 200mg of caffeine.


Pre Workout Supplement Highlights

The supplement industry is claimed to have been pioneered by some companies. This is true. However, their supplements still resemble dirt roads. They supply you with an energy that makes you feel like you're riding a horse-drawn carriage.

The idea behind BUCKED UP® is that you should know what's in your pre-workout and that there is more to training sessions than stimulant supplements.

Only quality ingredients are used at their recommended clinical doses. BUCKED UP® can help you achieve:

  • Increase in Energy
  • Increase in Endurance
  • Increase in Pumps
  • Increase in Focus
  • Increase in Power, Performance, and Strength

BUCKED UP Ingredients Panel

Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) plays an essential role in the formation of red blood cells, metabolism of cells, nerve function, and the production of DNA, the molecule that contains genetic information.

Vitamin B-12 is found in meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products. A supplement containing Vitamin B-12 can also be found in some foods, such as fortified breakfast cereals. It is possible to treat a vitamin B-12 deficiency with injections or nasal sprays [1,2].

B12 helps make DNA, the genetic material of all of your body's cells, and keeps blood and nerve cells healthy. Megaloblastic anemia, a condition that causes fatigue and weakness, is also prevented by vitamin B12.

Sodium - Sodium helps to balance fluid and electrolyte levels in the body [3].

Citrulline Malate 2:1 - L-citrulline is one of three dietary amino acids involved in the urea cycle, along with L-arginine and L-ornithine. In addition to increasing plasma levels of ornithine and arginine, L-citrulline improves nitric oxide metabolism and ammonia recycling. Therefore, it is used in areas where nitric oxide plays an important role, such as athletic performance, cardiovascular health, and erectile dysfunction. Watermelon is one of the few foods that contains significant amounts of citrulline [4].

Beta-Alanine - In sports, beta-alanine is marketed as a way to improve performance and endurance.

Here's how it's supposed to work. Carnosine is found in muscles. Muscles may perform for longer periods before becoming fatigued if they have higher levels of carnosine. As a result, carnosine helps regulate acid buildup in muscles, a primary cause of muscle fatigue.  One of the main components of carnosine is beta-alanine. Supplementing with beta-alanine is believed to improve sports performance because it increases carnosine production [5].

Caffeine Anhydrous - The seeds and leaves of the coffee plant are used to make caffeine anhydrous. Anhydrous refers to caffeine that has been dehydrated after it has been extracted from plant matter. This results in a highly concentrated powder [6].

AlphaSize Alpha GPC - Chemi Nutra offers AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline, which is considered one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world. It's used medically as a memory aid and in sports medicine to boost muscular power output, improve agility, and delay fatigue [7].

As a result, it activates mental acuity and muscle fibers (in addition to contracting them).

The AlphaSize® compound is an advanced choline compound that helps to increase brain metabolism. In fact, it is often considered a mind-to-muscle ingredient, because it increases the release of acetylcholine, the brain's primary neurotransmitter chemical.

Health Benefits of AlphaSize®

AlphaSize® A-GPC promotes the production of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine (AC) and enhances neuromuscular function to improve key brain and body functions, such as:

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Learning
  • Recall
  • Focus
  • Sharpness
  • Muscular Power
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Agility

Taurine - An amino sulfonic acid is what taurine is. The body produces it naturally. Meat, fish, and eggs are the best sources. Taurine plays an important role in the heart and brain [8].

Taurine helps prevent crashes.

Himalayan Rock Salt – with Trace Minerals - A chemically similar salt to table salt, pink Himalayan salt contains trace minerals. About 98 percent of it is sodium chloride. Salt contains trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals give the salt its pink color [9].

AstraGin - Astragin® is a patented, 100% natural compound that promotes a healthy gut environment while increasing absorption of many essential nutrients [10].

ActiGin - Based on the highly purified Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii fractions obtained through a pharmaceutical extraction and processing process, ActiGin® is a 100% natural formula [11].

  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Recovery

BUCKED UP® Pre-Workout Reviews

BUCKED UP® Pre-Workout Review by Fitness Deal News


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