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As a metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA, Arimistane® (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) does not convert into estrogen or testosterone. Arimistane®, like Aromasin®, acts as a suicide aromatase inhibitor (AI), which means it binds permanently to the aromatase enzyme and prevents any estrogen rebound. Additionally, it has been shown to decrease cortisol, increase LH (luteinizing hormone), and increase testosterone levels. +

As a suicide inhibitor, Arimistane® also reduces the number of androgens in the body that can be converted into estrogen by reducing circulating estrogen levels. +

Using Arimistane®, users will experience the benefits of increased testosterone, reduced estrogen and cortisol levels, and increased libido all at the same time. As a downstream metabolite of DHEA, it exists in the body and is undeniably a legal substance. In addition to boosting muscle mass, recovering better, reducing fat storage, and increasing libido, Arimistane® will increase the user’s natural myotropic state. +

Yohimbe is used to treat erectile dysfunction, athletic performance, weight loss, angina (chest pain due to insufficient blood flow), high blood pressure, and diabetic neuropathy. The first effect users notice is a drying out and hardening effect, increasing vascularity and definition. +

Benefits of Arimistane® Estrogen Blocker

  • Cortisol and estrogen levels are blocked +
  • Enhances testosterone production +
  • It increases your natural myotropic state (which increases muscle mass) +
  • Fat storage is reduced +
  • Recovery is better +
  • As a result of its drying out and hardening action, it improves vascularity +
  • Enhances libido +

Hi tech Arimistane estrogen blocker for sale

Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione is an inferior product that has been hitting the bodybuilding market recently. Hi-Tech has tested these products, and they have tested out at nearly 60% purity. As a result, users will not gain as much as they would if they took authentic Arimistane® as you don't know what the other 40% is and it's likely to cause side effects. With over 98.5 % purity, Arimistane® is very pure. +

In collaboration with its overseas supplier, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals developed a novel purification technique that has yields unlike generic products, and Hi-Tech owns the trademark for Arimistane®. This mark is licensed out by Hi-Tech to other companies, but make sure you buy only Arimistane® if you want to try the powerful compound (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione). +

Additionally, Hi-Tech is the only company selling Cyclosomal Arimistane®, which is significantly more bioavailable. With Cyclosome® technology, you can effectively and efficiently absorb poorly absorbed testosterone boosting compounds and legal prohormones into your body using the most advanced oral administration technology in history!  +

As a result of this new Cyclosome® technology, prohormones and testosterone boosters can now be delivered to the systemic circulation, circumventing the liver's first-pass inactivation for the first time. The active compounds of almost all previous testosterone increasing capsules and tablets, including testosterone itself, are completely useless due to the "first pass effect." +

This compound can now enter the body's second phase nearly complete after it has been passed through the liver, creating a safer passage for it to use since it is unchanged after the first phase of digestion. +

As a result of this multimillion-dollar investment, this "Trojan Horse" delivery system can only be found at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and its outstanding line of branded products. You'll see a dramatic increase in your lifts and muscularity when you use authentic Arimistane® with Cyclosomal delivery. +

The best PCT Product to take?

There is a lot of great Post-Cycle Therapy or PCT Products on the market. But right now Cannibal Alpha PCT by Chaos and Pain has become our best-selling PCT product. It has some incredible trademarked ingredients including something called Virilast which is said to improve with male sexual function, health and desire amongst other things. +

Is arimistane a pro hormone?

The use of Arimistane alongside other ProHormones such as 1-Testosterone, 1-AD, Superdrol, Anavar, and others is recommended. But Arimistane itself is not a ProHormone. Before taking anything you may be unsure about always reach out to your doctor of medical professional. +

Is Arimistane® toxic for the liver?

Arimistane® is not toxic for the liver. Today's ProHormones are non-methylated and therefore not liver toxic, however we do recommend our customers take liver support with any prohormone cycle. This could be something like 5% Nutrition Liver and Organ Defender or the number one liver product at Natty SuperStore which is the Chemical OD - Organ Defender product which we carry by Chaos and Pain. +

How does Arimstane® work?

Arimistane is an aromatase inhibitor that helps lower estrogen levels when you are on cycle, reducing estrogen levels and preventing Gynecomastia. +


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