Anavar Anabolic Agent

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Anavar Anabolic Agent

One of the most popular questions out there is where can I buy Anavar? Well the answer is great you can buy it on Natty SuperStore.

In addition to increasing muscle growth and testosterone circulation, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar also increases nitrogen retention in the body. As a result, free testosterone levels are increased, resulting in muscle growth. This process also inhibits glucocorticoid hormones, which control catabolic hormones, such as cortisol.

Anavar Anabolic Agent Highlights

  • Compounds with extraordinary muscle-building properties.
  • Maximum Muscle Vasodilation with L-Arginine and Arginase Inhibitors ABH and BEC.
  • Increases protein synthesis with Ecdybolin, Ecdysterone, and 6-Keto-Diosgenin.
  • Controlled release technology with several prohormone esters.
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and Phosphocreatine (PCr) for Intense Muscular Contraction.

The Science

As far as Anavar Anabolic Agent's direct functions and traits are concerned, the most important are its ability to increase nitrogen retention, decrease SHBG, and inhibit glucocorticoids. As reduced nitrogen levels tend to result in a catabolic state, an increase in nitrogen retention will promote an anabolic atmosphere.

A decrease in SHBG will result in a higher level of free testosterone in the body, not only increasing the anabolic punch but also promoting the release of all anabolic hormones that circulate. The inhibition of glucocorticoid hormones, which cause muscle wasting, makes the steroids more effective. Cortisol is the most well-known of these hormones.

The hormones promote fat gain and damage lean muscle tissue. Anavar® contains 4-Androstenolone, also known as 4-androstenolone,17-one, or 4-ANDRO in the bodybuilding community. Products containing 4-Androstenolone are great stackers. 4-Androstenolone has been shown to increase testosterone levels and improve performance in both experimental and anecdotal studies.

Anavar unique structure..

One of the features of Anavar Anabolic Agent is its unique structure, which makes it ideal for people seeking hormonal balance. Many believe that this steroid hormone is resistant to metabolic clearance. However, because it contains a double bond at its first molecule. 

The 1-Andro prohormone may enhance the ratio of androgen to estrogen in your body, without adding additional metabolites you might not want to take. The last ingredient in Anavar® is Epiandrosterone, which is an endogenous steroid hormone that has androgenic activity. Epiandrosterone is created as a metabolite of testosterone in the body.

The 5alpha-reduced androgen (a DHT derivative) cannot aromatize to estrogens due to its nature as a 5alpha-reduced androgen. Epiandrosterone stands out from other now banned prohormones that can either aromatize directly, convert to an aromatizing product, or both.

Stacking Options for Hi-Tech Anavar

Hi-Tech Anavar is a versatile supplement that can be effectively paired with other supplements to enhance its benefits, depending on your fitness goals. Whether you're aiming to build muscle, enhance fat loss, or optimize recovery post-cycle, there are several stacking options you can consider:

Anavar & Dianabol Stack

Combining Anavar with Dianabol can be a powerful way to amplify muscle growth and improve protein synthesis. This stack is particularly beneficial for those looking to gain significant muscle mass and strength.

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Key Points

  • Enhances overall muscle growth
  • Increases protein synthesis for muscle repair and building
  • Provides a significant boost in strength and stamina


The Anavar and Dianabol stack is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes aiming to bulk up quickly and effectively, promoting enhanced muscle mass and improved protein metabolism.

Anavar & Lipodrene Stack

Pairing Anavar with Lipodrene is excellent for individuals looking to sculpt a leaner, more defined physique. This combination helps in burning fat while preserving lean muscle mass.

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Key Points

  • Promotes fat loss while maintaining muscle mass
  • Supports increased energy levels for more intense workouts
  • Helps achieve a more chiseled and defined body composition


This stack is perfect for those in a cutting phase, where the goal is to lose fat while keeping muscle gains intact, resulting in a sharply defined physique.

Anavar & Stimerex ES Stack

For those who prefer another option in their fat-burning regimen, Stimerex ES can be a suitable alternative to Lipodrene when stacked with Anavar. It offers a different blend of ingredients to aid in fat loss.

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Key Points

  • Alternative fat-burning option to Lipodrene
  • Helps in reducing body fat effectively
  • Suitable for individuals looking for a change in their supplementation routine


Stacking Anavar with Stimerex ES is ideal for those looking for a variation in their fat loss supplements, ensuring continued progress towards a leaner body.

Anavar & Muscle-Building Supplements Stack

Enhance your muscle growth by stacking Anavar with other muscle-building supplements such as Creatine Monohydrate. This helps in boosting muscle volume and recovery.

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Key Points

  • Augments muscle volume and strength
  • Improves recovery times post-exercise
  • Supports sustained muscle growth and performance


Ideal for those focused on gaining size and strength, this stack maximizes muscle hypertrophy and performance in training sessions.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) - Hi-Tech Arimiplex

After completing your Anavar cycle, it is highly recommended to follow up with a PCT. Hi-Tech Arimiplex is a popular choice for this purpose, usually taken for 4 weeks immediately after the cycle.

Key Points

  • Helps to normalize hormonal levels post-cycle
  • Supports continued health of hormonal systems
  • Assists in maintaining gains made during the cycle

Summary Using Hi-Tech Arimiplex as a PCT ensures that you retain the muscle and strength gains from your Anavar cycle while stabilizing your body's natural hormonal balance.

Alternative PCT Products

When considering post-cycle therapy (PCT) alternatives, several options can effectively help maintain gains and stabilize hormonal levels after a cycle of performance-enhancing supplements like Anavar. Here are some well-regarded alternatives:

Cannibal Alpha PCT®

Cannibal Alpha PCT® is designed to help your body recover and maintain the muscle mass and strength gains achieved during the cycle. It is an advanced formula that supports hormonal balance and recovery.

Key Points

  • Aids in hormonal balance and recovery post-cycle
  • Helps maintain muscle mass and strength gains
  • Supports overall wellness post-cycle

Summary Cannibal Alpha PCT® is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive post-cycle recovery supplement, ensuring that gains are not only maintained but also that your body returns to its natural hormonal rhythm efficiently.

Chemical TN™ - Tudca and NAC

Chemical TN™ combines Tudca (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), which are known for their liver protective and antioxidant properties. This combination is particularly beneficial after a cycle that may stress liver function.

Key Points

  • Provides robust liver support and detoxification
  • Enhances cellular antioxidant defenses
  • Supports overall health with liver-focused ingredients

Summary This supplement is especially suitable for individuals who prioritize liver health and effective detoxification as part of their PCT regimen, ensuring optimal liver function and overall health maintenance.

Chemical FT™ - Fadogia Tongkat Complex

Chemical FT™ leverages the benefits of Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali, two natural herbs known for their ability to support testosterone levels and sexual health. This complex is ideal for enhancing libido and natural hormone production post-cycle.

Key Points

  • Naturally supports testosterone levels
  • Enhances libido and sexual health
  • Helps in the natural recovery of hormonal functions


For those looking to naturally enhance their hormonal recovery and maintain libido and testosterone levels post-cycle, Chemical FT™ - Fadogia Tongkat Complex offers a potent and natural solution.

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