VasoMax | Pump Powder

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VasoMax | Pump Powder

VasoMax | Pump Powder - In addition to increasing blood flow, cellular swelling, and pumps from multiple angles, VasoMax promotes vasodilation, enhancing blood flow, cellular swelling, and pumps simultaneously.

3D Pump is the revolutionary new nitric oxide and cell volumizer in VasoMax, primed to prime the pump. Phyllanthus emblica, a patented combination of L-Citrulline, Glycerol, and Phyllanthus, is known to encourage blood flow, nitric oxide production, and swelling.

VasoMax Product Highlights

  • Increase pumps and nitric oxide [1]
  • Improve muscular fullness
  • Enhanced hydration

A sizable 2,000mg dose of L-Taurine further amps up the "water-fueled" pumps, enhancing muscle fullness, endurance, and fatigue resistance. † [2,3,4,5]

Nitrosigine® and VASO6®, two premium branded ingredients, follow next. † [6,7,8,9]

Nitrosigine is a combination of arginine, silicate, and inositol that has been shown to improve blood flow, focus, and energy by increasing production of nitric oxide (NO). Combining it with citrulline increases arginine levels. Nitric oxide is produced by arginine.

This patented green tea extract increases NO production by activating eNOS - an enzyme that plays a key role in NO production, which results in greater relaxation of the endothelial cells. VasoMax contains a powerful nitric oxide support system, including Glutathione and S7, which improves nitric oxide bioavailability, thereby promoting stronger, longer lasting muscle pumps.

Pump formulas are too often little more than an underdosed mixture of citrulline, arginine, and glycerol monostearate. In order to deliver an unparalleled pump preworkout supplement, VasoMax uses a multi-tiered approach to increase nitric oxide, blood flow, and cell volume.

Featured Ingredients

  • 3DPUMP Breakthrough™
  • S7®
  • AstraGin®
  • Nitrosigine®

VasoMax by PerforMAX Labs Review


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