TURKESTERONE 1200 by 5% Nutrition

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TURKESTERONE 1200 by 5% Nutrition

TURKESTERONE 1200 by 5% Nutrition - Turkesterone is one of the most popular supplements available today. Of course, 5% had to step up their game and deliver their own unique formula. Like Rich, 5% is known for providing state-of-the-art supplements that stand out from the crowd. Overdosed (as per usual) makes their product stand out. +

The combination of Turk 1200 and beta ecdysterone makes it even more powerful. Don't forget to check out our Hyper Transport & Absorption Matrix as well. +

What Is Turkesterone And What Does It Do?

Check out their blog post on 5% Turkesterone 1200 if you haven't already. There is a detailed explanation of what Turkesterone is and how it works in that article.

Ecdysteroids are substances that have a similar structure to androgens, which are a group of substances. Animals and plants produce Ecdysteroids naturally. Bodybuilders and athletes use aggressive supplements that are like androgens. +[1,2,3,4,5]

A fundamental mechanism of Turkesterone’s action is to stimulate protein synthesis. This alone makes it a perfect fit for the 5% family. +[6,7]

You can now take protein synthesis to new heights.


Turkesterone (Ajuga turkestanica) – 1,200mg – Turkesterone primarily stimulates protein synthesis, as previously noted. The findings of in-vitro studies on human muscle fibers and animal models support this hypothesis. Turkesterone consumption is associated with enhanced growth rates in these studies. +[8,9,10]

Turkesterone also promotes strength by promoting protein synthesis. +

As a bonus, it has anti-catabolic effects, which help the body retain muscle during periods of calorie restriction. These are just some of the impressive benefits that can have a profound effect on the results of your workout. +

Beta-Ecdysterone – 200mg –  A number of names are given to ecdysterone. There are several types of ecdysterones, including beta-ecdysterone, hydroxy beta-ecdysterone, and 20-hydroxy ecdysterone. The benefits are similar to those of turkesterone, but to a lesser extent. It is still a powerful combination when these two are combined. +[11,12,13,14,15]

Hyper Transport & Absorption Matrix

It's all about absorption, no matter how impressive a product may seem. It's here that 5% really excelled and went above and beyond. +

AstraGin™ – Astragalus and notoginseng are used in this patented absorption enhancer. In fact, it promotes a healthy gut as well as improving absorption. +

Cyclodextrin – The prebiotic fiber in this product lowers the glycemic index of foods. Isn't that cool?  Additionally, it promotes healthy intestinal flora and aids digestion. +

Naringin –  It has antioxidant properties and is a citrus flavonoid.  Grapefruit juice is a natural source. Additionally, it enhances absorption. In addition, it helps extend the half-life of nutrients. +


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