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Alpha Lion SuperHuman Pump - Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump is a pre-workout supplement manufactured by Alpha Lion, a dietary supplement company. It is marketed as a non-stimulant product that is designed to enhance muscle pumps and improve blood flow during workouts.

The supplement contains ingredients such as Hydroprime, AlphaSize, and Citrulline Malate, which are commonly used in pre-workout supplements for their ability to increase nitric oxide levels and enhance blood flow to the muscles.


Getting a great pump isn't just about looks. In simple terms, the more blood and oxygen you pump into your muscles, the bigger and fuller they will become.

We loaded Superhuman Pump with the best stimulant-free pump primers on the market. Those sensitive to caffeine, and late-night workouts, and those looking to maintain healthy adrenal glands will love Superhuman Pump's stim-free formula.

  • The bigger the pump, the better the hydration 
  • During training, you will experience savage non-stim muscle pumps
  • Boost your performance while cycling off caffeine
  • The feeling of balloon-like muscle fullness even after exercising
  • Within minutes of your first set, you'll have freaky vascularity
  • Free of caffeine


The adrenals, the glands responsible for stimulant activation and sensitivity, can build a tolerance to stimulants if you take pre-workout with stimulants every day. Over time, you'll need nine scoops of pre-workout to feel anything. That's a problem. Using Superhuman Pump's stim-free formula keeps you focused and locked in without the use of stimulants, giving you a much-needed break. To activate the best of both worlds, Superhuman Pump + any of our other stim pre-workouts are a great combination.

What are the main benefits of Increased Nitric Oxide?

  1. Improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles during workout.
  2. Increased endurance and performance.
  3. Better muscle hydration and fuller muscle appearance.
  4. Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness.
  5. No jitters or crashes are commonly associated with stimulants.

What can I stack SuperHuman Pump with?

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