R1 Whey Blend 100% Whey Blend

Flavor: Vanilla Ice Cream
Size: 2 lb
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R1 Whey Blend 100% Whey Protein

At Rule 1, they take immense pride in their dedication to excellence, and the commitment is vividly evident in the R1 Whey Blend. Harnessing the inherent power of whey, we've meticulously crafted a protein blend that marries the pinnacle of nutritional efficacy with a palate-pleasing taste. And the best part? It delivers uncompromised value for every dollar you spend.

Each serving of R1 Whey Blend furnishes your body with a hefty 24g of whey protein, derived from the finest sources: whey concentrates, isolates, and hydrolysates. This isn't just any protein; it's a symphony of essential amino acids (EAAs), branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and glutamine. Such a rich profile ensures that every scoop fuels your body and aids in recovery and muscle growth. [1]

Yet, while the quality of R1 Whey Blend might suggest a premium price tag, Rule 1 believes in offering unparalleled value. With Rule 1 Whey Blend, you get a powerful, affordable, high-quality protein supplement. This is Rule 1's promise to you: unmatched quality, taste, and value in every scoop. [2]

Crafted for Efficacy, Flavor, and Affordability:

It delivers a robust 24g of rapid-absorption protein derived entirely from whey.

It boasts an impeccable taste and unbeatable value, solidifying its reputation as one of our leading, versatile protein formulas.†

Key Components:

Pure 100% whey proteins.

Tri-source blend: concentrates, isolates, and hydrolysates. Fast-acting protein to support daily life.

5g of naturally present BCAAs†.

Equally Vital: What's Not Included:

  • Absolutely NO Non-Whey Proteins.
  • NO Amino Spiking.
  • NO Creamers.
  • NO Banned Substances.
  • Gluten-Free (in most flavors).

† Each serving.

Amino acids are inherent and values are estimated.

Measurements are approximated to the closest pound. Product size and servings per container might differ slightly among flavors.

Usage Instructions: R1 Whey Blend

Post-Workout Boost:

While R1 Whey Blend aids in growth and recovery whenever consumed, its efficacy is optimized when taken right after workouts.

Preparation Guide:

  1. Take one scoop of R1 Whey Blend powder.
  2. Pour it into 8 oz. of cold water in a shaker, or if you prefer, 16 oz. in a glass.
  3. Shake or stir vigorously. For a smoother consistency, blend on high.

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