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Pro IGF-1 by Hi-Tech, pioneering bioavailability.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals proudly unveils their latest innovation, Pro IGF-1, an acronym for Insulin-like Growth Factor Type 1, derived from whey protein. IGF-1 stands out due to its unique ability to induce hyperplasia, increasing not just the size but the actual number of muscle cells, offering enhanced muscle density and enlargement.

Skeptical About IGF-1 Supplements?

Instead of relying on Growth Hormone (GH) supplements, which only indirectly influence muscle development by triggering IGF-1 release, Hi-Tech has revolutionized the game. Their cutting-edge Liposomal delivery technology allows the oral intake of IGF-1 to be 1500% more bioavailable by circumventing the digestive system, ensuring direct cellular access. This leap in efficiency could be the most significant advancement in muscle-building supplements to date.

Wondering About the Investment?

Consider the longevity and potency of Pro IGF-1: a single purchase equips you for 50 training sessions. Since it's used exclusively on workout days, a five-day-a-week routine stretches your supply to an impressive 10 weeks, making the cost-effectiveness and results extraordinary.

Experience the Array of Benefits

Pro IGF-1 is tailored for the dedicated bodybuilder, aiming to amplify strength and facilitate fat loss.

- Encourages fat metabolism for energy

- Contributes to anti-aging processes

- Acts as a potent nutrient partitioner

- Promotes hyperplasia for increased muscle cell numbers

- Enhances recovery post-exercise

- Delivers 20mcg of natural IGF-1 per serving

- Aids joint support and repair

- Facilitates the building of lean muscle mass

- Boosts muscle density

- Augments strength and power

- Combats bodily inflammation

- Helps in burning fat more effectively

- Extends endurance and length of workouts

- Bolsters libido

Recommended Usage for Optimal Outcomes

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals advises a daily intake of 5 tablets, strictly adhering to this dosage. The regimen is intended for days of physical training, suitable for both men and women. With 250 tablets per bottle, your supply is set to last through 50 workout days.

Details of Ingredients

Each serving consists of:

- 5 Tablets per Serving

- 50 Servings per Container

- 20 mcg of IGF-1 per Serving (sourced from NXP-GF Whey Protein Isolate)

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