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Hi-Tech Laxogenin 100 Body Building Supplement is what athletes and health-conscious people have been waiting for! Anyone who is currently using legal prohormones, growth hormone releasers, and/or creatine supplements to build muscle and/or enhance athletic performance should take note. With Laxogenin, you can use any growth-related supplement synergistically. You can literally take supplementation to levels you've never seen before with Laxogenin. Additionally, compared to other testosterone or prohormone products on the market, this is safe for both men and women.+

The Best Laxogenin 100?

Due to our 23-year history with this ingredient, Hi-Tech has perfected the synthesis process of 5a-hydroxy laxogenin better than any other supplier in the industry. As far back as Mesobolin, a product put out by Amino Discounters in the early 1990s, Hi-Tech's founder used every 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin. Laxogenin 100TM does not cause androgenic side effects in females when taken by itself.+

What is Laxogenin 100TM?

Brassinosteroids include laxogenin, a plant hormone. Brassinosteroids are the compounds responsible for plants' growth and vitality. Plant steroids have a unique mechanism in humans. Protein synthesis is stimulated and muscle protein breakdown is prevented.+

What is Laxogenin used for?  

  • Building muscle and/or enhancing athletic performance is a good idea for anyone.+
  • Any bodybuilder/athlete who uses legal prohormones, HGH releasers, and/or Creatine.+
  • Anyone looking for a supplement that complements (rather than duplicates) their current athletic supplement stack.+
  • Female athletes who avoid androgen supplements (e.g., women) but still wish to promote muscle growth and protein synthesis.+
  • Both men and women can use it safely.+

What to expect when taking Laxogenin

  • Anabolic and protein synthesis processes are activated+
  • Recovery from workouts is faster and more complete+
  • Catabolism is slowed+
  • Muscle mass increases noticeably+
  • Lipogenesis and fat storage are blocked+
  • Oxidation and lipolysis of fatty acids are increased+
  • A decrease in adipose tissue percentage+
  • Muscle relief is strengthened+
  • Enhancing body composition+

Is Laxogenin Safe?

  • Safety is provided by it.+
  • There is no hormone precursor in it.+
  • The synthesis of testosterone is not affected by it.+
  • Estrogen levels are not increased by it.+
  • Gynecomastia and hair loss are not risks.+
  • There is no prohibition on its use.+
  • There is no doping involved, and no doping tests are conducted to determine it.+

For Best Results, Follow These Directions & Dosage

It is recommended that you take two tablets each day by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Food should be consumed with them. A tablet should be taken in the morning with food, followed by another tablet 8-12 hours later with food. This product does not require PCT.+

What Can I Take Laxogenin 100 with?

You can stack Laxogenin with literally another product related to test boosting and or any legal prohormones.  It is recommended to run an 8-week stack followed by four weeks of PCT.+

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