Supreme Pre-Workout by Kilo Labs

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Supreme Pre-Workout by Kilo Labs

Kilo Labs Supreme Pre-Workout boasts a meticulously crafted formula that aims to provide users with enhanced athletic performance, focus, and endurance. Here's a detailed look into its potent ingredients

Potent Formula: Kilo Labs Supreme’s ingredient profile is a testament to comprehensive research and understanding of athletic needs. From L-Citrulline Malate for better blood flow and muscle endurance, to Beta-Alanine for buffering muscle fatigue, each component is deliberately chosen for maximum efficacy.

Balanced Energy Surge: While Caffeine provides an immediate energy boost, ingredients like DMHA and Theobromine ensure a sustained and jitter-free energy experience. This synergy means athletes experience a consistent energy flow without sudden crashes.

Cognitive Edge: Beyond just physical energy, Kilo Labs Supreme recognizes the importance of mental focus in workouts. Huperzine sharpens cognitive functions, ensuring every workout session is approached with clarity and purpose.

Supreme Pre-Workout by Kilo Labs Ingredient Panel

  • L-Citrulline Malate (4,000mg): This compound is known to improve nitric oxide production in the body, resulting in expanded blood vessels. The resultant increased blood flow ensures muscles receive ample oxygen and nutrients, helping to augment performance and reduce muscle fatigue. [1]
  • Beta Alanine (3,200mg): A crucial ingredient for those looking to push their limits, Beta Alanine aids in carnosine production, buffering the muscles against lactic acid accumulation. This buffering effect can delay muscle fatigue and thus enhance workout duration and intensity. [2]
  • HydroPrime (2,000mg): An advanced form of glycerol, HydroPrime aids in hyper-hydrating the muscle cells. This hydration boost not only improves muscle endurance and pumps but also guards against dehydration during strenuous exercises. [3]
  • Betaine Anhydrous (3,000mg): Known for promoting cellular hydration and boosting power output, Betaine has the additional advantage of potentially enhancing muscle protein synthesis. This could translate into muscle growth over consistent use. [4]
  • Caffeine (400mg): A revered stimulant, caffeine rapidly elevates energy and mental acuity. It can amplify athletic performance, endurance, and even raises the pain threshold, facilitating longer and more potent workouts. [5]
  • DMHA (200mg): This central nervous system stimulant acts by uplifting energy levels and honing focus. The induced sense of well-being can make workouts feel more engaging. [6]
  • Theobromine (150mg): A milder stimulant than caffeine, Theobromine offers a more sustained energy boost without the common jittery side effects. Its natural origin in cocoa adds to its appeal. [7]
  • Coconut Powder (1,000mg): Coconut is an excellent source of quick energy due to its medium-chain triglyceride content. Furthermore, it's packed with electrolytes, making it great for hydration and maintaining a salt balance during intense activity. [8]
  • Huperzine (10mg): Huperzine is valued for its cognitive-enhancing properties. It can improve neural signaling, memory, and focus, making it easier for athletes to remain dialed into their training sessions. [9]

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Dosage To Take

The recommended dosage ensures that users receive optimal benefits without overconsuming any single ingredient. The emphasis on taking the supplement on an empty stomach optimizes absorption, and the clear warning against multiple doses within 24 hours underscores safety.

Kilo Labs Supreme Pre-Workout isn't just about brute energy; it offers a balanced blend of ingredients for overall physical performance, cognitive function, and hydration, making it an exceptional choice for those serious about their training.

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