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GLAXON XENO AMINO - This next-generation amino acid powerhouse contains all 3 BCAAs, 9 EAAs, and 11 "conditionally essential" amino acids. The Myo-Seq amino blend contains 20 amino acids that makeup all the proteins in the human body! For enhanced recovery and joint health, Velositol® was added along with electrolytes and hyaluronic acid to enhance mTOR (which triggers amino acid conversion to muscle tissue).+


What Does Xeno Aminos Do?

  • Muscle tissue repair and rebuilding+
  • Hydrates muscles by replenishing electrolytes+
  • Reducing muscle recovery time+
  • Amino acid reuptake is improved+

Ingredient Panel

  • Magnesium Citrate – Supports nerve and muscular function+
  • Sodium Chloride – Maintains proper fluid balance and hydration, as well as aids in the absorption of other electrolytes+
  • Potassium Citrate – Helps to maintain nerve function, prevent muscle cramps, and metabolize carbohydrates+
  • MyoSeq™ – A blend of amino that offers support for muscle protein synthesis, exercise-related fatigue, muscle preservation, and overall improvements to muscle recovery. +
  • Velositol®- An Amylopectin and Chromium complex that accelerates and boosts muscle protein synthesis (MPS), resulting in enhanced muscle growth, lean body mass, and faster muscle recovery when used with protein. +
  • Astrolyte™ Electrolyte Blend – This proprietary blend helps maintain proper hydration and fluid balance in the body, it aids in muscular contractions, and supports improvements in workout performance. +
  • Taurine – Helps maintain proper hydration, may help burn fat during exercise, decrease muscle fatigue, and improves muscle contractions. +
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Provides hydration to muscles, lubricates joints, and supports bone strength by flooding the muscles with water. +
  • Astragin® – A 100 percent natural and patented compound that promotes gut health by increasing the absorption of ingredients such as amino acids. +

What is XENO Amino?

A next-generation amino acid powerhouse, XENO Amino contains all 3 BCAA, 9 EAA, and 11 "conditionally essential" amino acids. The Myo-SeqTM amino blend contains 20 amino acids that makeup all the proteins in the body! A combination of Velositol®, electrolytes, and hyaluronic acid was included to enhance further mTOR (which triggers the conversion of amino acids to muscle tissue).+ 

Why Should I take this product?

You cause micro-trauma to your muscles, sheaths, connective tissue, and tendons when you push yourself working out. Failure to recover properly can result in injury as well as painful DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness). In order to promote recovery, muscle growth, hydration, and joint health, XENO Amino was formulated. For amino support, it can also be used 24/7. +


How Does XENO Amino Work?

Xeno Amino works on four different levels. It contains taurine and Astrolyte to promote intracellular muscle hydration and prevent cramping. In addition, hyaluronic acid is needed by tissues at the muscle surface, the fascia, and at the cartilage, terminal ends. Lastly, we have the Myo-Seq amino blend. In order to build muscle quickly and efficiently, Myo-Seq provides the right amino acids in the right proportions based on the amino acid sequence of skeletal muscle tissue. Velositol, a complex carbohydrate with complementary chromium, contributes to this by enhancing amino acid uptake, promoting faster recovery, and improving performance. +


How do I take XENO Amino?

Xeno Amino is best taken 45-60 minutes before, during, or after exercise.  Mix vigorously 1 scoop or 12 scoops dissolved in 16 ounces of water (500ml). +

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