GLAXON THERMAL - Non-Stim Thermo

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GLAXON THERMAL - Non-Stim Thermo

Introducing GLAXON THERMAL - Non-Stim Thermo, the no-stimulant-fat-burner that'll have you shedding pounds quickly and safely. Featuring the best ingredients like InnoSlim, GBB, and Carnitine, this is the perfect addition to your weight loss regimen! With Glaxon Thermal, you get a clinically proven and scientifically backed formula with none of the crashes or jitters associated with other products on the market.+ 

What makes Glaxon Thermal so unique is its combination of natural yet powerful performance enhancers that help to increase your metabolism while simultaneously increasing fat-burning capabilities. These ingredients work together to support your overall weight loss efforts, meaning you can finally reach all your fitness goals without resorting to dangerous stimulants or energy boosters. +

Unlike traditional fat burners on the market, Glaxon Thermal does not cause dehydration or extreme sweating, which means you stay comfortable even in intense workouts. Furthermore, it's designed to be taken year-round for long-term results rather than a single burst for temporary relief. +

Thermal aids weight loss without stimulating the body. By activating some of the body's fat-oxidative mechanisms, fat cells become more metabolically active and are, therefore, able to burn more fat.+

What is GLAXON THERMAL - Non-Stim Thermo? 

Thermal is an innovative non-stimulant weight management tool that promotes fat cells to become more metabolically active. Thus, Thermal may help you burn more fat.+


Why should I take Thermal by Glaxon? 

Due to Thermal's lack of stimulants, it can be stacked with stimulant fat burners or pre-workouts. To help you achieve your wellness goals without taking any stimulants or working out late at night, Thermal can also provide a metabolic boost.+ 


How does Thermal Work? 

As a result of thermal stimulation, white fat cells convert into brown fat cells, which are more metabolically active. We provide the amino acid L-Carnitine, which is responsible for fatty acid transport, Innoslim, which activates fat oxidation through the induction of AMPK, as well as the novel myokine L-BAIBA as MitoBurnTM, which influences the "beiging" of fat white cells into brown fat cells.+


How do I take Thermal?

Take (1 Scoop) is best taken 30-45 minutes prior to exercise.+

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