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GLAXON DR. CREATINE is a delayed-release capsule containing creatine monohydrate. By bypassing the acidic environment of the stomach, it is quite possible to achieve higher creatine absorption with fewer side effects.  +

The cornerstone of any muscle-building stack is to break through gym plateues. Creatine is the key to the explosive power and jaw-dropping endurance. We're here to serve it to you in its most celebrated form. In every serving of Dr. Creatine, you'll receive 3 grams of creatine monohydrate to boost your performance and give you an enviable muscle definition. Whether you lift weights, play sports, or jog, Dr. Creatine's prescription will fuel your progress.  +

Make every capsule count for maximum absorption! Timing is everything when it comes to creatine supplementation. We deliver our creatine pills in delayed-release capsules for this reason. By bypassing the stomach and avoiding the loss to creatinine conversion that comes from the acid, only 3g is needed per serving. As much creatine monohydrate as possible can be absorbed through the small intestine because of its neutral pH and slightly elevated temperature.  +

Dr. Creatine is designed to help reduce all gastric distress that my be commonly caused. Squatting six plates without ripping one is difficult enough. Creatine supplements should not upset your stomach. Dr. Creatine is here to help you make peace with your stomach. Our delayed-release capsules bypass stomach acid to avoid potential gastric problems and creatinine buildup.  +

What is the benefit of Dr. Creatine?

We are here to help you if you have taken creatine before but experienced some gastric discomfort or were concerned about creatinine production. By bypassing the stomach, Dr. Creatine avoids any of the undesirable side effects associated with increased muscle power output and increased muscle mass.  +

How does it all work?

We avoid gastric upset and the formation of creatinine by encapsulating creatine monohydrate in a delayed-release capsule. The small intestine absorbs creatine only at neutral pH levels and slightly elevated temperatures, increasing its solubility.  +

How much creatine should I take? 

Dr. Creatine is recommended for daily use in the form of four capsules. The daily dose of creatine monohydrate is only 3 grams. If you like to load creatine on the front end, you can take seven capsules four times per day in equally spaced dosages throughout the day. After four weeks of Dr. Creatine supplementation at 3 grams per day, muscle creatine saturation should still be achieved within 30 days.  +

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