GLAXON ASTROLYTE - Hydrating Electrolytes

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GLAXON ASTROLYTE - Hydrating Electrolytes

In order to help relieve some of that risk, Glaxon Astrolyte™ Hydrating Electrolytes provide you with a beverage that promotes rehydration, replenishes the minerals you lose through sweat, and ensures that you can maintain high levels of performance and endurance during strenuous activity. +

Important Astrolyte Ingredients

What are Fructooligosaccharides?

In plants, fructtooligosaccharides (FOS) are made up of short fructose chains. The carbohydrates are called oligosaccharides. +

  • asparagus
  • bananas
  • blue agave
  • chicory root
  • garlic
  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • leeks
  • onion
  • yacon root

As fructtooligosaccharides do not affect blood sugar levels due to their non-digestibility, they may also have multiple health benefits. +

What is it?

Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Chloride make up Astrolyte™, a comprehensive electrolyte blend. In addition to providing these crucial nutrients, Astrolyte™ also provides Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Astragin™ to help absorb these minerals in the small and large intestines. +

Why would I take Astrolyte?

The importance of hydration cannot be overstated. Not only is water necessary, but also salts help ensure your hydration levels remain balanced and that various cellular functions are performed properly during your workout. Muscle cramps, a compromised ability to contract muscle tissue, and potential muscle damage are frequently caused by a lack of water and minerals. As a result, Astrolyte™ can support optimal hydration and thus optimal performance. +

How does this work?

As a result of sweating during strenuous exercise, not only do you lose body water, you also lose mineral salts, which can cause cramping and decrease performance. In addition to replenishing mineral salts and water lost through sweat, Astrolyte™ maintains a positive hydration balance in your body, which helps you perform at your best. +

How much should I take?

Mix 1 scoop (1 serving) with up to 16oz (~500mL) of water or beverage of choice, adjusting the amount of liquid to taste. For training: consume 15-30 minutes before exercise. Half servings (112 scoop) may be taken in intervals. It tastes best cold. Do not exceed 2 servings (2 scoops) per day. +

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