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Exaporate by Blackstone Labs stands out as a potent formulation tailored for individuals aiming for immediate water loss and those in preparation for competitions who require a strong diuretic effect. This innovative blend is carefully designed to assist in the reduction of excess water weight, potentially enhancing the definition and vascularity of one's physique. Ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts who are approaching competition dates or photo shoots and wish to present their physique at its peak, Exaporate by Blackstone Labs delivers a strategic approach to managing water retention.

Ingredients Panel of Exaporate by Blackstone Labs

Before diving into the comprehensive list of active ingredients found in Exaporate, it's important to understand the significance of each component. This product's formula is a complex assembly of botanical extracts and specialized complexes, each chosen for their specific roles in promoting diuresis (the increased production of urine) and supporting the body's natural water regulation mechanisms. Here's a detailed look at the ingredients:

Taraxacum officinale extract

Taraxacum officinale, commonly known as dandelion, is a powerhouse of diuretic properties. This botanical extract is celebrated for its ability to naturally increase urine output, thereby helping the body eliminate excess water and reduce bloating.

  • Promotes healthy urinary tract function
  • Rich in potassium, compensating for potential nutrient loss during diuresis
  • Supports liver health, aiding in the body's detoxification process

Key Points

The inclusion of Taraxacum officinale in Exaporate's formula serves as a natural, yet effective, means to facilitate water loss without the harsh side effects commonly associated with synthetic diuretics.


The essence of Taraxacum officinale in this blend harmonizes the body's fluid levels, ensuring a leaner and more defined physique, making it an integral part of Exaporate's efficacy.

Uva Ursi extract

Uva Ursi, or bearberry, is renowned for its urinary tract benefits and its strong diuretic capabilities. This extract works synergistically to enhance the body's ability to manage fluid balance, contributing significantly to the product's overall effectiveness.

  • Assists in flushing out excess sodium and water from the body
  • Contains arbutin, which supports urinary health
  • Helps in reducing water retention, crucial for achieving a toned look

Key Points

Uva Ursi's role in Exaporate underscores its value in providing a dual approach to water loss—through diuretic action and urinary tract support.


Integrating Uva Ursi into Exaporate's formula ensures a multifaceted approach to managing water weight, aligning with the goals of individuals aiming for peak physical appearance.

Tropaeolum majas L. ethanolic

Tropaeolum majus, known as nasturtium, is incorporated for its unique profile of compounds that contribute to the product's diuretic and health-supportive properties.

  • Exhibits mild diuretic effects, complementing the formula's water reduction goals
  • Contains antioxidants that support overall health
  • Helps in bolstering the body's resistance to stress

Key Points

The inclusion of Tropaeolum majus emphasizes the product's commitment to not only facilitate water loss but also to support the body's well-being during the process.


Nasturtium enhances Exaporate's comprehensive approach to achieving an optimally dehydrated state while maintaining a focus on health and wellness.

Hydroxanthine Complex™

The Hydroxanthine Complex™ is a proprietary blend designed to amplify the diuretic effect of Exaporate. This complex includes components known for their roles in metabolism and fluid management.

  • Aids in boosting metabolic rate, potentially supporting weight loss
  • Enhances the body's natural diuretic processes
  • Supports energy levels, beneficial during calorie-restricted phases

Key Points

This complex is pivotal in Exaporate's formula, offering both metabolic and diuretic benefits to users.


The Hydroxanthine Complex™ elevates Exaporate by Blackstone Labs, contributing to its effectiveness in facilitating rapid water loss and supporting energy needs.

Equisetum hiemle var. affine

Also known as horsetail, this botanical extract is another key diuretic component of Exaporate. It stands out for its ability to support the body's fluid balance and maintain mineral levels during diuresis.

  • Promotes increased urine production
  • Rich in silica, aiding in the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Supports the preservation of bone health, even during intense diuretic use

Key Points

Horsetail's inclusion highlights the product's balanced approach to water loss, ensuring that essential minerals are retained.


By featuring Equisetum hiemle var. affine, Exaporate underscores its commitment to not just aesthetic improvements but also to the maintenance of overall health and well-being.


TX-HP™ is a specialized ingredient in Exaporate's formula, engineered to optimize the body's water expulsion mechanisms while safeguarding against electrolyte imbalance.

  • Ensures effective water loss without compromising electrolyte levels
  • Supports the body's natural balance during diuretic use
  • Enhances the visual definition and muscularity by reducing subcutaneous water

Key Points

TX-HP™ represents the innovative edge of Exaporate, focusing on safe and effective water loss.


The inclusion of TX-HP™ in Exaporate by Blackstone Labs solidifies its status as a comprehensive solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to achieve an immaculate level of physique definition and vascularity, without the risk of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

Natty SuperStore's Quality Focus

At Natty SuperStore, we're committed to providing our customers with products that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. Exaporate by Blackstone Labs is a testament to this commitment, offering a carefully curated blend of ingredients designed to support immediate water loss and enhance physical appearance for competitions or photo shoots. While not exclusive to Natty SuperStore, this product exemplifies our dedication to offering top-tier supplements that cater to the diverse needs of our clientele.

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