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Defiant Unleashed: The Ultimate Boost

For those seeking a potent kick, Defiant Unleashed answers the call. Many have grown weary of pre-workouts that lose their spark, but with MuscleForce's innovation, the vigor is real. We advise starting with just half a scoop due to its intensity.

What sets it apart? The fusion of Eria Jarensis and 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) offers unprecedented energy and focus. Further enhancing this vigor are Methylxanthine Anhydrous, Theobromine, and Octopamine HCL. And, with added Nootropics, the mental clarity and muscle connection are unparalleled.

The cherry on top? Generous doses of Beta-Alanine and Citrulline, ensuring stamina and powerful pumps.

Typically, powerhouse pre-workouts cap at 20 servings. Defiant Unleashed ups the game with 30 full servings.

Experience its power and wave goodbye to your old supplements. Expect:

- Explosive Energy

- Heightened Intensity

- Magnified Pumps

- Enhanced Strength

- Razor-Sharp Focus

- Extended Endurance

- Increased Motivation

- Total Activation

Key Ingredients of Muscle Force Defiant Unleashed:


L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 (8g): This compound holds a distinct advantage over Arginine when it comes to amplifying nitric oxide (NO) production. By boosting NO levels, L-Citrulline Malate facilitates improved blood flow, enhancing muscular endurance and potentially improving performance during extended physical activities. [1]

Beta-Alanine (3.2g): A renowned amino acid, Beta-Alanine plays a crucial role in increasing carnosine levels in muscles. This elevation is associated with enhanced muscle endurance and a quicker recovery period, ensuring athletes and fitness enthusiasts can train harder and more frequently. [2]

Choline Bitartrate 97% (1g): Essential for cognitive functions, Choline Bitartrate is a beacon for memory enhancement and concentration. Regular supplementation can support mental clarity, ensuring tasks are approached with sharpness and vigor, making it indispensable for both physical and mental activities. [3]

Caffeine Anhydrous (450mg): A naturally occurring stimulant, Methylxanthine Anhydrous stands out for its ability to elevate oxygen absorption rates. This, in turn, can lead to improved muscle blood flow, ensuring muscles receive the nutrients they need during intense physical exertion. [4]

Glucuronolactone (Endurlac) (300mg): This compound is renowned for its capacity to extend the energy-boosting effects of other stimulants. Often found in energy drinks, it ensures that the surge of energy is not short-lived, allowing for prolonged activity periods. [5]

Eria Jarensis Extract (250mg): Emerging as a potent supplement ingredient, Eria Jarensis Extract offers a combination of heightened energy and laser-focused attention. For those seeking a mental edge alongside a physical boost, this extract is hard to beat. [6]

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (250mg): A modified form of the amino acid Tyrosine, this compound is pivotal in moderating and balancing the effects of stimulants. It ensures that while the energy spike is noticeable, it isn't overwhelming, offering a smoother, more manageable experience. [7]

2-aminoisoheptane (200mg): Known for providing sharp, intense focus, 2-aminoisoheptane does so without the dreaded energy crash that some stimulants induce. This makes it an ideal ingredient for those wanting prolonged concentration and vigor. [7]

Theobromine (100mg): Sourced from the cacao plant, Theobromine offers benefits similar to caffeine but with a unique twist. It supports endurance, ensuring that the body can sustain prolonged periods of physical activity without rapid fatigue. [8]

Octopamine HCL (100mg): A stimulant with multifaceted benefits, Octopamine HCL not only energizes metabolism but also provides a consistent, enduring energy flow. This dual-action ensures that users feel invigorated for longer durations. [9]

Huperzine A (200mcg): Derived from a particular type of moss, Huperzine A is a cognitive enhancer. It magnifies the connection between the mind and muscles, ensuring that every movement is precise and intentional, optimizing physical routines.[10]

Feeling overwhelmed by Defiant Unleashed? We understand. For a robust yet milder boost, consider the original Defiant.

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