APEX BURN by Alpha Lion

Flavor: Cherry Blaze
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APEX BURN by Alpha Lion

APEX BURN by Alpha Lion - A long history of delivering awesome products. Apex Burn is no different, Alpha Lion delivered with this unique and effective blend. +

Long History of Great Products

They have Superhuman Scorch, Night Burn, Cravings Killer, Superhuman Burn, Superhuman Sleep, and several variants of their Gains Candy supplements that aim to help with body composition and fat loss. The All New Apex Burn, however, takes a different approach. +

This powdered fat burner will contain 1000mg Tyrosine, 750mg Choline, 400mg SantEnergy, and 245mg SXT Energy System, which contains various forms of caffeine. Moreover, it contains 450mg of Actipoinin, 250mg of Mitoburn, 250mg of Innoslim, 100mg of Fucuoxanthin, and 25mg of CaloriBurn in a SUPERHUMAN Thermal Burn Matrix. +

With this formula, you will experience increased energy, focus, and cognitive functions, as well as an increase in metabolism and fat loss. + 

Product Highlights

  • The formula that is backed by research +
  • Ingredients with premium trademarks +
  • Labels that are 100% transparent +
  • Free of banned substances +
  • A safe, side-effect-free product +
  • Ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). +

How do I take Apex Burn?

The Alpha Lion website has not yet listed Apex Burn, but it should be available later this week. The product will come in a 21/42 serving tub depending on whether you take a full or half scoop serving.

However, we don't know all the flavors, we know at least one will be Molten Mango, likely a spicy mango flavor. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about this all-new Alpha Lion supplement. +

Does Apex Burn Amplify Thermogenesis (CALORIE BURN)?

Thermogenic supplement with maximum potency. To speed up your metabolism and increase caloric expenditure, this workout powder enhances your body's natural heat production. +

Will Apex Burn Help Me Lose Weight?

Apex Burn should be your foundation if you want to burn fat every day. With our science-backed formula, your body can attack fat from several different pathways, so you can burn more calories and lose more weight. +

What is in Apex Burn that makes it work?

Natural weight loss supplement backed by research. Six trademarked ingredients are used in this fat loss supplement, which is safe, side-effect free, and GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). The label on the workout powder container is 100% transparent. +

What Does Apex Burn Do?

Apex Burn contains InnoSlim & Actiponin as part of its burning matrix. By amplifying your body's burning pathways, these two ingredients optimize fat utilization. To support your weight loss and fitness goals, we craft our diet supplements with premium trademark ingredients like these. +

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