Anti Sh*tfluencer | Sh*tfluencer Club Hat

Color: Black
Size: S/M
Style: Flexfit
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Anti Sh*tfluencer | Sh*tfluencer Club by the GOOB

Exclusive Drop Alert!

Buckle up, digital denizens, because the deity of digital design, the Picasso of Photoshop, the internet’s very own GOOB, has done it again! Introducing: The **Anti Shitfluencer | Shitfluencer Club** hat, exclusively available on

Do you fancy yourself an influencer? Or are you the anti-thesis to the typical 'shitfluencer'? Regardless of where you stand, this hat's got you covered (pun intended). With its embroidered words sharper than your aunt’s wit, this cap is here to make a statement, and that statement is: "I'm fabulous, and I'm here to both mock and rock." 🚀

Anti Sh*tfluencer | Sh*tfluencer Club Hat Statement

Dive deep into the cosmos of fashion irony with this celestial piece. Crafted with the tears of meme lords and the sweat of keyboard warriors, this hat is destined to turn heads and drop jaws. Whether you're a devout member of the Shitfluencer Club or its fiercest critic, this headpiece is the ultimate badge of honor (or dishonor, depending on your take).

Anti Sh*tfluencer | Sh*tfluencer Club Hat - There is More!

But wait, there's more! Remember the best-selling **Exposed Pre-Workout** that had us all flexing like never before? Or the iconic first T-Shirt, **Welcome to the Show**, that became the unofficial uniform of the internet cool kids? Well, just like them, this hat is also a Natty SuperStore exclusive! That's right – the Holy Trinity of GOOB merchandise is all in one place.

In a world filled with fashion faux pas and 'meh' millinery, this hat rises like a phoenix, ready to be crowned (quite literally) as the god of all hats. So, bow down to its divine design, and wear it with the pride (and humor) it truly deserves!

Grab yours before they're snatched up faster than free Wi-Fi! Because remember, style waits for no one, especially not for the typical shitfluencer.

*Join the club, the Anti Shitfluencer | Shitfluencer Club, exclusively on*

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