ANDRIOL by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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ANDRIOL by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

ANDRIOL by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals emerges as a robust option for those aiming to naturally boost their androgen and testosterone levels. This product, meticulously designed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, is known for its significant efficacy in enhancing strength, lean muscle mass, and facilitating weight gain.

Product Overview - ANDRIOL by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

ANDRIOL is equipped with 60 potent tablets per bottle, each formulated to support continuous testosterone replenishment. This feature allows the product to be utilized for extended periods—such as six months or more—without the need for cycling, making it a reliable staple in your supplement regimen.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous Use: Unlike typical prohormones, ANDRIOL can be taken continuously, mirroring the regimen of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).
  • Enhanced Formula: Contains 158 mg of Androst-4-en-3β-ol-17-one Undecanoate per tablet, making it significantly more potent than many competitors.
  • Advanced Delivery System: Features Hi-Tech's Cyclosome Delivery Technology, ensuring maximum absorption and effectiveness.
  • Strength and Recovery: Designed to increase muscle strength and mass, it also aids in faster recovery post-training.
  • Versatility in Use: Effective when used alone or stacked with other products like Hi-Tech 1-Testosterone, Deca-Durabolin, and Equipoise for enhanced effects.

Ingredients Panel of ANDRIOL by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Androst-4-en-3β-ol-17-one Undecanoate

This key ingredient is a powerful agent in promoting the elevation of both androgen and testosterone levels in the body.

Key Points:

  • Acts as a testosterone replenisher, helping to maintain optimal levels over prolonged periods.
  • Aids in the development of lean muscle mass and contributes to overall weight gain.
  • Provides a sustainable option that does not require cycling, suitable for long-term use.


Androst-4-en-3β-ol-17-one Undecanoate in ANDRIOL plays a critical role in stabilizing testosterone levels, enhancing muscular strength and recovery, and supporting continuous usage without the need for breaks typically associated with other prohormones.

Usage Directions:

For optimal results, consume one tablet in the morning with food. Advanced users may take an additional tablet in the evening. Post-use, it is recommended to follow up with a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), especially after long-term use.

Comparative Analysis:

Compared to Sustanon 250, ANDRIOL offers a similar androgenic boost with a slightly higher concentration of the active ingredient (158mg vs. 150mg). Although Sustanon may lead to larger muscle gains in shorter cycles, ANDRIOL is specifically formulated for longer, sustained use without the necessity for cycling, appealing to those seeking a stable increase in testosterone.

Suggested Combinations:

ANDRIOL can be effectively combined with:

  • Hi-Tech 1-Testosterone for enhanced anabolic effects.
  • Hi-Tech Deca-Durabolin for improved muscle mass and recovery.
  • Hi-Tech Equipoise for increased endurance and red blood cell production.

Quality Assurance

Natty SuperStore is committed to providing products that not only meet but exceed health and fitness expectations. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals each batch of ANDRIOL undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that every tablet consistently delivers optimal performance and safety.


Should you take a PCT product with use of Andriol®?

Yes, taking a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after using ANDRIOL by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is advisable, especially if the product has been used for an extended period. PCT is an essential component of any regimen involving prohormones or similar supplements as it helps to:

  • Balance hormone levels
  • Restore natural testosterone production
  • Prevent unwanted side effects after discontinuation of the product

The duration and specifics of the PCT can vary based on how long ANDRIOL was used and the individual's unique physiological response. Generally, it's recommended to use a PCT for about half the duration of the prohormone cycle. For instance, if ANDRIOL was used continuously for six months, a three-month PCT may be beneficial.

For effective post-cycle therapy, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends using products such as Arimiplex® by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, or Cannibal Alpha PCT® by Chaos and Pain®. Additionally, PCT-V by Blackstone Labs is another excellent choice. These products are designed to support the body’s return to natural testosterone production and mitigate any potential suppression experienced during the cycle.

For a comprehensive list of some of the best PCT products available, you can explore options here: Top 10 Post Cycle Therapy Products. This selection includes a range of highly regarded PCT supplements that can help ensure a successful post-cycle recovery.

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