GLAXON ANOMALY - Anabolic Peptides

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GLAXON ANOMALY - Anabolic Peptides

GLAXON ANOMALY - Anabolic Peptides is a next generation anabolic/anti-catabolic containing two new ingredients: PeptiStrong™, a unique peptide network derived from Fava Bean Hydrolysate that was initially discovered by artificial intelligence and GG Gold®, an Annatto extract standardized for the compound geranylgeraniol. +

The anticatabolic activity of both these compounds is extremely strong, but their novel ability to increase muscle tissue and differentiation by targeting specific muscle genes is also well complemented by their anti-catabolic properties. +

GLAXON™ ANOMALY - A.I. Discovered Anabolic Peptides: Made with Real Science™

  • Recovery +
  • Longevity +
  • Muscle health +

Anomaly Highlights

  • Strengthen Muscles +
  • Recover muscles faster +
  • Enhance muscular endurance +
  • During a calorie deficit, prevent muscle loss +

Individual Ingredient Breakdown:

In the common Fava bean, an artificial intelligence-developed network of biologically active peptides is known as PeptiStrong™. As a result of downregulating atrophy genes like Atrogin-1 and upregulating anabolic mechanisms like the ribosomal subunit S6K1, PeptiStrong™ has been shown to support overall muscle health. +

The compound GG-Gold® is derived from the Annatto plant and has downregulatory activities on Atrogin-1, as well as several other health benefits. +

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